July 22, 2009

Is "Spidey-sense" one of Caius' powers?

Hello all and thank you so much for the warm welcome - I'm so thrilled to be helping everyone's favourite TwiCrackAddict!

I was scouring around this morning hoping to come up with a killer first post... I did however come across this (lol) which I thought was appropriate for it's UK content (whoop whoop!) and Volturi Comic-Con vamptasticness... the second bit, not the random Tweet about Seth not answering - pick up, Seth!

I can not wait for updates from San Diego and am sooo jealous of all of you who are going... although I don't pity you that ringing in your ears from all the squealing - hopefully it'll clear in time for November ;)

- Lorabell xxx

P.s. If you haven't yet, check out Jamie's band "The Darling Buds" - I've seen them twice and definitely recommend!


  1. Too cute- sounds like he loves superheroes!! Spidy,superman and vampires!! Oh my! oh my! what fun:)

  2. Welcome Laura :D And really good job for Alex Meraz ;-)

  3. Welcome Lorabell! Maybe TwiCrack can actually sleep now!!

  4. Welcome to TwiCrackAddict Lorabell!Hope to hear more Twilight things from you.Looking foward to writing comments to what you post.
    ~Love ya

    *snif , snif* , *tears* i'm gonna miss Twicrackaddict for a while , but she needs a break from hard working from blogging and all her hard work she does to share with us , Twilighters .*sigh* i think will be fine , after a while.

  5. Jamie is such a cutie!And seems likes he's a big fan of spiderman , superman , and vampires.

    Umm...Jamie can you bite me?'cuz the Cullens won't...They said that they don't wan't me to turn into a vampire , a monster that they are.


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