July 16, 2009

Interview Magazine Talks to Taylor Lautner

Interview Magazine has a great write-up about Taylor Lautner, where Taylor talks about New Moon and turning into a werewolf:
MARTIN: What does it mean to turn into a werewolf?

LAUTNER: I think the most important thing with Jacob is that pre-transformation, he’s clumsy. He trips over his own feet. As soon as he transforms, he’s very agile. At one point, he flings himself through Bella’s window and lands at her feet, and that’s the first time Bella realizes this is a new Jacob: He never used to be this agile. I loved bringing out that side of him. The bummer is, when he becomes a wolf, that’s not actually me. When he does the cool fight scenes, he’s transformed into CGI.
Read the rest here.

Thanks, Coral!


  1. HE seems to have wonderful spirit. He is the PERFECT Jacob!

  2. *howl*
    I love him!
    Thank you for posting this.
    He is the perfect Jacob.
    Sorry I can't say J___b with out swooning.
    I remember you posting the outtakes of this photo shoot it's nice to finally see the final product.

  3. I love interviews with Taylor. He really gets it. I just wish there were more interviews and pics (definitely pics) out there. Perhaps after New Moon he'll get some more media action, but hopefully not on the RPattz level. I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy.

  4. I <3 the 1st pic of Taylor ,so smexy and funny =)
    The 2nd pic - what a cutie!
    I wouldn't want Taylor to get ths same level of fan-dom-crazy-twihard's-fans.Like Rob.Agh!I said that wrong.I wouldn't want Taylor to have too much fans like Rob because look what has happened to our poor , smexy Rob , but he's back , same smiling , happy Rob! =)
    I loved the article.

  5. Ha!I'm so weird , obsess with this guy or either the (twi) crack went up to my head , because the 1st pic of Taylor is my background screen.Crazy?Huh?Probably i should see a thearpist about my Twilight addiction.

  6. Nice interview, but short- great pics.
    Renesmee Cullen- you're too funny!!

  7. I'm Team Edward and everything but... damn, he is too schmexy to be seven-fricking-TEEN!
    *sigh* I feel old ;)

  8. OMG! Taylor is adorable in that video, and is the perfect Jacob. Younger looking, huge smile, confident, charming and has an intensity like Edward's. Plus being perfect physically! (Have you seen him do a flip? Wow!)

    I think a lot of fans are finally going to "get" what Bella sees in Jacob in the second movie.

  9. I too think he captures the spirit of our beloved Jacob! He's such a warm personality! And seems to take all of the fame in stride.


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