July 17, 2009

HitFix's New Moon Set Report: Chris Weitz Talks Dudes + Twilight

Chris Weitz directs Kristen -- can you spy him in Volturi red? Click pic to enlarge!

Chris Weitz is a funny guy! HitFix has a really great interview with Chris Weitz up. Here is a quick excerpt, but read the whole thing at HitFix!
Q: Just so you know, I purposely don't read the books because I want to enjoy the franchise as a moviegoer...

Many people purposely don't read the books. They are called men. (Laughs.)

Q: Can you talk about that then? What was your interest in coming on board a franchise that predominately been more popular with women then men?

Actually, in that regard my brother and I often end up doing movies whose audiences are predominantly women or tipping point of success relies on a female audience. Even 'American Pie.' I think the thing that distinguishes it more than the gross-out humor, because there is a lot of that going on. The way we tooled it was so that girls could be interested in it as well. And, in as much as the 'Twilight' series has a great appeal to women, I think it really concentrates on the emotions of the central character and romance and I think that unfortunately that the studio system has not been very good at getting boys to be interested in. They think and maybe incorrectly, that the male gender is interested in just thing blowing up. And I don't think that's true. I certainly didn't make this movie towards only girls or women being interested in seeing it. There is a lot for diverse audiences including older audiences than the first one drew. Really, we are drawn to the cast. I thought the central cast were great and I wanted to work with them and it also employed some skills that I picked up along the way including working with special effects and working with younger actors and working on emotionally structured stories.
Oh, it's so good! Read the rest of this interview here.

Thanks, Lissie & Coral!


  1. Awesome interview!! I really want him to film Breaking Dawn!!!!!

  2. Love the article. He is going to blow CH's "version" of Twilight out of the water. He should go back and refilm the meadow scene and do it some justice!!!

  3. Very informative. His deadpan humor is funny. The grammar in the write up was hard to follow at times.


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