July 17, 2009

HitFix interviews Taylor Lautner, Michael Sheen and Wyck Godfrey

HitFix spoils us today with three fun interviews from the New Moon set!


  1. What a great interview he did with Taylor. He asked questions I'd never read before. Love it. Especially these two:

    Q: Which one of Edward’s powers would you take?

    TL: Well, I don’t want to sparkle. Definitely, I don’t want to sparkle. We [wolves] can read minds, though, right? Each others’, but not anybody’s. Ok, well, I’d like to read Bella's.

    Q: A lot of fans are looking forward to the scene in 'Eclipse' where Jacob and Bella finally have the kiss.

    TL: Yes, so am I.

    Me too baby! Me too!

  2. Juju you'r so funny!

    Liked the interviews.

  3. Great interview with Taylor!! Ya! Taylor it is gonna be hard for the months in between- until November- I think we all can relate!!


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