July 30, 2009

HitFix: The Biggest Losers are the Fans

HitFix has an opinion piece up about the She Said / Studio Said ugliness that we're seeing, and here is an excerpt of what they have to say:
If you read between the lines, there is way more to this story than what both parties are revealing here. Lefevre's management may be at fault for misrepresenting their client and mistakingly playing hardball, but couldn't the studio really have handled this more smoothly? If Lefevre was truly blindsided by this news -- and you have to take her at her word she was -- why did Summit not try to broach her personally about the conflict? From all accounts, Lefevre has been a willing and drama-less ambassador for the franchise making almost any appearance or publicity request asked of her. What makes this whole situation even more peculiar is Summit expertly maneuvered around the touchy issue of "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke not returning to helm "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" when she'd publicly stated her desire to on numerous occasions. In fact, Hardwicke went on to help publicize the film's DVD release after Chris Weitz was brought on to direct "New Moon" (although she did have a financial incentive for the DVD to do well).

On the sideline is Howard, who no doubt is wondering, 'What have I gotten into?' and whether she'll be answering questions on the casting change for the next 12 months (yep). It's hard to imagine she thought the blowback would be this bad when she was agreed to come on aboard over the past few days.

Sadly, the biggest losers here are the fans who are getting caught in a tug of war between a rising star whose was extremely fan-friendly and a studio who has done everything possible to satisfy their constant hunger for new material. Is it going to take franchise author Stephenie Meyer to broker peace between everyone involved? One thing is clear, if you end up seeing Lefevre on Larry King Live or hearing her on Ryan Seacrest's radio show over the next few days? Then it's really gotten ugly.
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P.S. Poor Bryce. She's just a pawn in this story. I'm guessing that she didn't know what a crap-storm she was walking into. We wish everybody the best!


  1. As to Bryce HOWARD, now I don't feel any sympathy for the woman: she was perfectly willing to walk over 'that nobody' Rachelle so that she, Hollywood Royalty, could take that role of Victoria. No, my sympathy lies with Rachelle who has been thrown under the bus for (I strongly suspect,) RON HOWARD's daughter.

    There is no way that this Bryce HOWARD can bring more independent star power to Eclipse: her filmography is - to say the least - not impressive. Twilight, with Rachelle Lefevre running rampant as Victoria, returned $10 for every $1 spent.

  2. Bryce Howard is a great actress, she could play Victoria perfectly, the problem is that she is going to play a character someone else gave her special signature.

    Let me tell you I can not believe the amount of whining coming from the fans about this subject the fans are telling that they won’t see the film if Rachelle is not playing Victoria, are this the same fans that didn´t want Chris Weitz directing NM and now want him back to direct BD? Are these the same fans that signed a petition for Robert Pattinson get recast for another actor?? Well let me tell you at just these two points thank goodness Summit dismissed those petitions and whining from the fans. As Summit didn’t pay attention to those request, I will recommend you not to waist your time sending mails or petitions, because they are not getting Rachelle back for the role, and I’m really sorry for her, I like her a lot, she is one of my favorite in the cast; but this is like any job in life, you have to submit to the obligations that we agree when we start to work in any place, it is not different for actors or directors.

    Truth is that any of the actors in the saga can film any other movie during their free time, but they have signed contracts to be available during the production of three movies for the saga. Actors like Kristen and Robert have been working all summer in their free time out of the saga and this last days that cross with the Eclipse productions were already arranged months ago, so Summit planned with a lot of time ahead; Rachelle didn´t told them with time and to reschedule her would have made them loose a lot of money and probably would generate problem into other actors schedule that were arranged way back.
    An example of how the actors have to put the filming of the saga as their priority: Last year during Twilight promotion Robert spoke about doing a film from a beautiful script with great actors, he expected to film it in January of this year, before filming NM, but because the film was independent, had budget issues and started production later, the filming of it crossed in schedule with the filming of NM, and his part for that movie wasn´t really big, it didn´t involved too much time for him and we know that his scenes for NM were shoot half into the schedule of the filming for NM, yet he had to drop out of that film to be available for NM; probably because he was not told about the change in the schedule in time and so on he couldn´t arrange change of schedule for NM, when the actors have contractual obligations, they have to respond to them, they can try to arrange things a long time ago like Kristen and Robert did with their respective schedule for this movie, but not two weeks before filming.

    We, the fans are just caught into the middle of a fight that don´t belong to us…. both, Rachelle´s and Summit´s responses, are the result of two parts that feel hurt; Rachelle feels hurt for not having her schedule reprogrammed and Summit feels hurt because of the response they are getting from the fans. And the entire result is that all I see are fans saying how bad Eclipse is going to be, just I saw many time before the same whining when Robert was hired, when Chris Weitz was hired, when David Slade was hired… and the truth is that I´m going to see most of you screaming you adoration for Slade and Bryce next year when you see the trailer, that is the way it always is with fans. No wonder with this kind of massive response form the fans the media thinks we are all only a bunch of teens.

  3. Oh, boy! This is just a crap fest and I feel bad for both actresses. Both are talented and both probably blind sighted by these events. Both will suffer because of lack of communication on both ends.

    Selfishly this is taking away from all of my happy twilight giddiness - must go and watch jailbait, I mean Taylor in the New Moon clip 1 on youtube to feel a little better.

    So sad.

  4. Ha!LMAO "a studio who has done everything possible to satisfy their constant hunger for new material" LOL!Seriously?If Summit wants to satisfy , us the fans , well BRING RACHELLE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!Yes it has gotten ugly , just by one day.And this the begnning , wait until the end Summit.

    heathermc i too have my doubts her "DADDY".

  5. I agree with this article.
    The ones that really lose are the fans.
    & I do feel bad for Howard.
    I'm sure she didn't know the specifics of the situation when she agreed.

  6. We are caught in the middle and are the ones that are the most bummed. It's a shame.

    I won't stop emailing and writing letters though. I really do feel Rachelle is deserved at the very least...the time and consideration to negotiate. It's Victoria's big exit and well...Rachelle is Victoria to me.

    I desperately hope this isn't about money. I know Summit is a business. But they've made money off of the fans...so...well...I think we should also be given some respect.

  7. Mark Malkin said ,Summit changed the schedule! So does this new director have anything to do with this? I had a bad feeling about him from the beginning, especially with him making fun of Twilight from the first! I say we boycott every movie except the "Twilight" series, beginning with that "Bandslam" they desperately want people to go see by putting trailers of New Moon in front of them!

  8. Anon at 1:53, I totally agree with you on this: "Bryce Howard is a great actress, she could play Victoria perfectly, the problem is that she is going to play a character someone else gave her special signature."

    It's very hard to see a character in a series re-cast like this as we see Rachelle as Victoria so strongly.

    I think part of the fan backlash here has to do with how graciously, passionately, and lovingly Rachelle has embraced the Twilight fandom and her role as Victoria.

    I'm *NOT* suggesting Bella be replaced when I say this, but follow the argument - - if Rachelle had treated Victoria/Twilight as dismissively as Kristen tends to come across sometimes, I don't think the fan fervor over the replacement would be NEARLY as harsh/big.

    I think that Rachelle has embraced and loved what we readers love and that's 'the Twilight saga story' and so she meant a lot more to us because she was always so sweet and generous of her time and enthusiasm.

    For that especially, I love her and will miss her. I truly hope Summit reconsiders.

    However IF they don't, I don't blame Bryce.
    Bryce is a fantastic, established actress who doesn't deserve fan anger that Summit has earned, if anyone.

  9. Stephenie Meyer has invented the most three dimensional INTERESTING fantasy world since Tolkien gave us Middle Earth. I have re-read "Dune", and really, it is mostly about drugs; the characters have no other life outside of the books. Twilight, however, can spawn LOTS of other stories about the characters because the characters LIVE.

    Twilight has introduced me not only to a cadre of young actors and indie movies, but also music (I am listening to MUSE as I write this.) So, to me, ultimately, the Twilight saga can live without the movies.

    However, I am VERY angry about Rachelle's fate. It is unfair to her. It is stupid, because she has a vivid presence, and would lend that to Eclipse... Pattinson requires someone strong enough to balance his own strength and make the final battle work.

    And again, I think David Slade doesn't know what he is doing here. And Bryce has the job because her daddy is Ron Howard, NOT because she is a better actress than Rachelle.

  10. i dont feel sorry for bryce at all. she just got that role cuz of her daddy. summit just does what they want. they dont care about the fans. and i agree: WE SHOULD NOT SEE ANY MOVIES PRODUCED BY SUMMIT EXCEPT TWILIGHT. especially not bandslam. ugh. a few ppl can just go and film the footage and put it up for all the other TwiHards to see. then summit wont make as much money

  11. you guys who keep talking about 'bryce's daddy' are coming off as juvenile and your arguments don't help the cause if you want to see rachelle back.

    downing bryce isn't the way to do it!

    plus, bryce is not to blame - who wouldn't jump at the chance to be part of a successful franchise?? there is no proof or meat to your 'daddy' argument whatsoever - - it's just your speculation spawning from anger about something you can't change/do anything about. those comments are just irrational.

    the child of a director/actor should not face charges of nepotism every time they make a move in hollywood . . . that's just silly.

    i do hope sumnmit works something out with rachelle, but it's not likely now that a replacement has been publicly named AND it's obvious summit is not happy with rachelle's public comments.

    i hate it, but it's probably true. rachelle isn't coming back.

    but if you hope she does, call, sign the petition, and email summit. but do so in a way that represents your arguments well, don't be a hater in what you say if you want to be heard and taken seriously.


  12. Can't believe some off you are actually blaming Bryce and saying she got the role because of her 'daddy', stop the bs.

    Bryce didn't take anyones role, they didn't fire Rachelle because they wanted Bryce in. We should be glad that Bryce accepted the role, knowing that a great actress will play Victoria in Eclipse makes this sad situation a little bit easier...

  13. I feel so badly for all parties concerned. Where's Jasper when we need him? I wish Jackson could really control all the emotions right about now. This is all so dis-heartening.

  14. Wow - Not reading anything by Anonymous writers sure makes it easier to get through comments!!!! That smear, in a later comment on a post here, made me chose to not read Anonymous. If they aren't willing to sign some name, then they aren't credible in my book.

    I have no feeling for *Ron Howard's Little Girl*! She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Unlike a regular actress, like Rachelle.

    And what are your bets, that in not too long it will be announced, that Ron Howard will be directing "Breaking Dawn"? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???? Ugh...

    I have no use for Summit. None...


  15. i seriously doubt ron howard is going to direct breaking dawn, LOL.

    and just because someone was born with a silver spoon in her mouth doesn't mean she isn't talented and good at what she does. she attempts a legitimate career of her own, she doesn't star only in her dad's movies (or in ANY of them!) and she seems to have her head on straight.

    people can't help being born into a rich family - - what matters is what they do with it. paris hilton? a worthless waste. so, a rich person's kid can be like THAT or try to make a life for themselves, right?

    it's not fair (or even rational) to expect them to carry around the family name like a ball and chain, though. Sorry.



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