July 11, 2009

Hipster in a Trucker Hat or Hidden in a Hoodie? Edward Plays Dress-up

Mrs. Robinsane has given her diminutive Edward a new look by sewing him a Lobster hat and a hoodie. Tee hee.

Check out Edward's adventures on Mrs. Robinsane's blog.


  1. Wow that's hilarious! But dude, Wolverine looks kinda gay!

  2. Oh, thank you for posting this, TCA! So sweet of you!

    *overwhelmed, affectionate kiss :)*

    And for the record: in light of the substandard protection Rob got from his initial NYC security staff, I hired Wolverine to be my diminutive edward's bodyguard—with far more impressive results. ;P

  3. This cracks me up!! I am an addict of Hugh Jackman!! Luv him!!!

  4. Hilarious! I think Wolverine wants Edward.


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