July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael Welch

One of our favourite humans celebrates his 22nd birthday today - he's such a cutiepie - does anyone else kinda *heart* him?

- Lorabell

P.s. Mikey, if you speak to NoMoreMarbles, please tell her she's awesome and I miss her vlogs? K, thanks!


  1. I do! I do! I do!! definately a cutie battootie!! Happy Birthday!! God do they all have to be soo damn young!! I'm starting to get a complex!

  2. I love Michael and so do my girls.

  3. LOVE MIKE! Hope he has a great 22nd! <3

    I'm giving away an autographed photo of Mike Welch on my blog (http://twilightlurve.blogspot.com) So if anyone is interested, enter to win it!

    The winner will be announced August 6th!

  4. Mike makes the perfect Mike, definately!

  5. What a cutie. Happy birthday Mike.

  6. i love him! he's so sexy <3 Happy Birthday Mike! :)


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