July 27, 2009

Getting to know Tinsel Korey

Twilight Lexicon had the chance to interview Tinsel Korey, who plays Emily in New Moon. Here is a quick excerpt from their interview:
Did you, along with the other cast members who were also in the Quileuete roles, spend any time building back-stories or relationships?

I built my back-story before I met the boys, I already had an idea of who Emily was. Meeting and hanging out with the boys only helped build upon what my prior thoughts already were. I think when we all hung out the back-story just was there in who we were. Most of us are pretty similar to our characters.
Can't wait to see her as Emily! :-) Read the rest at Twilight Lexicon!


  1. She is going to do such an amazing job. I can't wait.

  2. she seems sweet, gosh i forgot how excited i was to see her makeup job! ahh im hoping no spoilers on that


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