July 23, 2009

Getting some KStew up in this crack-hizzle

Thanks to Edward Heart Bella for a little off-Comic-Con crack - KStew looking particularly kick-ass filming the Runaways yesterday, rocking leather pants and... yes, a water gun!

I'm not sure there's anyway to make that mullet pretty for the Bella loving Twi-hards at Comic Con though... yeah, not so much :/

- Lorabell

P.s. Because I couldn't resist - care of the Pacific Coast News Online - Rob, this one's for you ;D

For a video of KStew chillaxin' with a smoke (filthy habit... unless it's Rob because he makes it look so damn schmexy - I know. It's wrong!) before going into Comic Con, check out Radar


  1. I agree. The hair is BAD. Did she really get it cut that way, or is it a wig?

    The leather pants look good on her ... but if I was her I would be achin for some comfy jeans. lol. They must be almost done filming.

  2. It's totally cut. But when she wears it in a ponytail, it doesn't look that bad...So I'm sure that's how it will make it's appearance at ComicCon. ...Or I hope.

    Maybe she'll make her appearance in character as JJ. :-)

  3. I'm glad she cut it for the movie, she's very serious about this role.

  4. So that means a Bella wig for Bella in Eclipse?? :O

  5. It's the 80s people! Her hair HAS to be bad. Did any of us have good hair in the 80s? (Or am I just old?) I know I sported the permed mullet....

  6. @ Gwen
    She'll probally have a wig or hair pieces to fill out her hair. This, however, is exactly what they have done for both New Moon and Twilight so her hair probably won't look all that different.

  7. @Latchekey Wife...Oh, 80's hair. Myself, I didn't have the mullet, but totally the perm. Fluffy bangs and all. *hangs head*

  8. The 2nd pic -


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