July 24, 2009

Get Ready to Crave Whoppers: James Bond Had BMW, New Moon Gets Burger King

MTV's Hollywood Crush confirms that Burger King's New Moon movie tie-in:
MTV can confirm that Burger King will be featured in the "New Moon" film via product placement, with its food products being consumed by the movie's stars — well, at least, those of them that can eat human food.

To help promote the tie-in, Burger King will soon begin distributing paper crowns in stores worldwide. One reads "Team Edward" and features Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the Cullen clan. The other reads "Team Jacob" and has Taylor Lautner staring seductively from the front of the crown, accompanied by photos of Stewart, and the shirtless Wolf Pack.
Dude, I *need* one of these crowns, and I'm going to wear it to see New Moon and embarrass Mr. TCA. In fact, I'm gonna make him wear one too. :-)

Lol, I am totally craving a Whopper right now ;)
- Lorabell


  1. LMAO! Will he really go see it? My boyfriend won't. I'm bringing my mom!

    my hubby shall support my addiction wooohoo
    *team edward*
    crowns coooool

  3. I refuse to bring my husband! He tried to impale himself with a straw during Twilight! I will enjoy this either with my friends or by myself!

  4. Impale himself with a straw?? LOL Hilarious, @Joann0173!

    I may have to drag Mr. TCA b/c I have no friends who like Twilight, which is one of the reasons I'm a cuckoo blogger. :-(

  5. hahaha That's a great idea TCA!! Don't forget to wear the New Moon T-shirt from Hot Topic ok???? I'm going to see this movie WITHOUT my boyfriend so I can enjoy the beautiful man name Edward Cullen haha Oh yess!!! If he goes I'm going to be punished for a whole week listening to: I can't believe you like that guy, he's not handsome, Hugh Jackman is handsome but he? bla bla bla...Anyway let's hope I get those crown here in PR!!! Oh and the tickets?? haha I'll buy them over the Internet haha just to make sure that I'll get to see the movie...the only problem is that I might have to wait until November 24!!!! Boooooo!!!!

  6. Yeah..maybe it will be the first time *ever* i'll wear a twilight shirt. :-)

  7. Hmmm. My hubby was dragged to see Harry Potter at midnight...I wonder if he loves me enough to see New Moon?

    Probably not. lol

  8. My fiance loves Twilight too, and he hasnt read any of the books. But he loved the first movie , and went to see it with me. And was bugging me to get up early that saturday morning the dvd went on sale, to run and go get it. He even bought me all the twilight affiliated books they had at target as well, for me. I was like awwwwww! So i know he would love to go see it with me. He gets annoyed sometimes though, when im gushin about twilight, so i know the burger kind crown will have him making fun of me. And i havent been to burger kind in years.

  9. If Burger King is featured in New Moon, I'm gonna be really disappointed. It would show how "Hollywood" NM might become. I can't stand movies that promote brands & stuff....movie that feels like commercial from time to time. Best example right now would be Transformers. Even though movie companies do it because they get money, they're more like sell-outs.

  10. Yeah!!!!I'M SO HAPPY about these news!When they 1st come out m i'm going to be a jack-ass and wear both crowns for several day , well until November 20,2009 , When New Moon comes out , at the movies , and at school.Who the hell cares if i wear them , i will just kick their ass or asses.Anyway i can't decicde which Team i am , so i'm both teams.Both family are great , though their enenimes.I'm 50/50.The good thing i can still get kids meals.

    TCA-LOL!And thanks for posting.

  11. I wonder how they'll do it...will they have Charlie or the Wolfpack eating burgers?

    Not the vamps, of course. hehe.

  12. LOOK!! LOOK!!! LOOKIE!!!




  13. Anon 10:46 am ~ You're not alone. I don't like the idea of product placement either. And having NM stuff at BK? This is getting worse and worse.

  14. And the commercialism like this is stupid


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