July 23, 2009

G4TV.com Comic-Con 2009 Summit Entertainment Panel Live Blog Coverage

G4TV.com Comic-Con 2009 Summit Entertainment Panel Live Blog Coverage

Disappointingly, we're not gonna get a live feed. However, go to G4TV.com for their coverage. Here is an excerpt:

Stephen Johnson: Just the mention of the word "Twilight" is enough to get people howling at the top of their lungs.
Stephen Johnson: I'm deaf now.
Stephen Johnson: The cast is being introduced. Kristen Stewart is here, and Robert Pattinson.
Stephen Johnson: The director, Chris Weitz, is here.

Stephen Johnson: "I hope you're pleased when you see the results," Lautner says. I think the fangirls will be very, very pleased.
Stephen Johnson: Robert Pattinson says machines do his acting for him. Hmm.
Stephen Johnson: Special treat for the fans: A clip!
Stephen Johnson: Radio silence for the clip. Sorry.
Stephen Johnson: Uh oh...Jacob took off his shirt in the clip and the fans went nuts-o-crazy-go-nuts.
Stephen Johnson: Fan: Question for Robert Pattinson: Are you going to do any comedy in the future? Rob: I'm not that funny... I can look like an idiot, but I don't know if I can be witty.
Stephen Johnson: Fan: What part of you did you have to being out to portray you characters? Answer (Ashley Green) There's a really intense bond that she has with her family, and I have a bond with my family, so I use that. Kristen: She's everywhere. Talk about mood swings. But she doesn't explain herself.
Stephen Johnson: Taylor: I'm more like Jacob's pre-transformation side.

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