July 17, 2009

Fandango's *Spoilers Galore*: New Moon Set Report

Fandango's Lizerne Guiting was on the set of New Moon, and offers her spoiler-filled report. All I know is that I'm going to go re-read page 467 of New Moon now! He is an excerpt to whet your appetite:

The scene starts off in the Volturi's underground lair – it looks like it's ripped right out of the "Verdict" chapter, Page 467 from "New Moon." The room is circular, with dark green and red accents complimenting the cream-colored marble floors, walls and columns. Dim light spills in from circular windows, symmetrically spaced around the room, nearing the domed ceiling. Latin words fill in the space between the circular windows, creating an endless, connected chain: "Semper. Erit. Vita. Brevis. Ars. Longa. Tua. Vita. Mea. Nemo. Est. Supra. Leges. Et. Sic..." Three ornately decorated black chairs with gold accents and carved lion heads at the armrests are placed at one end of the room atop a three-tiered circular platform. Aro and two other vampires sit, looking bored.

Jane, Alice, Edward and Bella enter from the opposite side of the room. Their backs are to the camera and they face the three seated Volturi. Aro rises from his chair, walks down the steps and approaches Edward. He says something of this effect to Jane: "They say you have to get one and you brought back two and a half."

Ooh! Read the rest of this set report at Fandango.


  1. ooohhh, exciting!!! It's like the 'New Moon' dam has broken and all this info. is flying in at the speed of light!! yippeee!

    Did anyone take Latin in school who can offer translation of the words???

  2. I am dying to see at least a picture of the Volturi! Micheal Sheen said they did a photo shoot, I soooo want to see it!!!

  3. oohhhh!So exciting , i really can't wait any longer.

    Mother Nature , please make fall come sooner!=)
    It's not that i like Summer , i do , but New Moon is really , really , really important.It's an important Movie and something important to me and as for sure for the other Twilighters besides me.

  4. Finally!! some news and articles that is really good and just related to the series!! So excited and enjoyed reading this!! Thanks TCA!!

  5. is that a real poster of jane? or fan manip?

  6. @edward and rebecca
    i do believe its real poster.

    on another note

    2 dyas no update!!! ARGHHHHHHHHFdkfjdasfjads;klf
    having Twi-withdrawls

  7. This was really awesome! It took a while to read through, but holy moly I am frigging excited. Can November come any quicker?

    Hopefully there is an update soon!!!!

  8. that doesn't look like dakota at all :S.. and what do the latin words means i wonder.. otherwise great news!!!


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