July 21, 2009

Fandango Interviews Jamie Campbell Bower

Fandango shares their interview with Jamie Campbell Bower, where he talks about his New Moon costume, whether or not he'll be returning for Breaking Dawn, and what his obsessions have included:
Q. What were you obsessed with when you were younger?

Campbell Bower:
I was obsessed with girls when I was 13-years-old; I wasn't really into books. I think there's something about Stephanie's (Meyer) writing that rings so true. Obviously, people can relate to it, and teenage kids particularly can relate to the themes in the book, and that love for someone when you're that sort of age. When you're 13, 14, 15, you go, "I love you. I don't really love you, but I'm gonna say I love you anyway." [Laughs] I wasn't obsessed with anything when I was younger, really. I don't know. I'm boring.
Read the rest at Fandango!


  1. he seems pretty down to earth ... in me head though I never saw Caius as that hot though!

  2. Jamie seems down to earth yeah and really cool.And he is damn sexy! check out that picture. GOD! <3333

  3. Doesn't he play the Grindewald in Harry Potter 7

  4. Nadine - yes he does.

  5. he looks crazy in this pic.....JUST LIKE MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


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