July 24, 2009

Fan Report & Awesome Video of Twilight Screening: Entire Cast Showed Up :-)

Courtney shares this awesome video and details of her experience at the Twilight screening last night:
Not one second later did the same tinted window bus pull up to the side of the theater i was at. I was completely alone, with a bunch of cops standing in front of the opening doors of the bus. A bunch of random comic con badged people walked off the bus and THENNNN.....through the bus doors...I saw that famous jawbone and those pursed lips wearing ray bans. Sure enough...there is Robert walking down the bus steps only centimeters away from me. I didnt have my camera out but he was the most beautiful man I have ever seen. Just when I thought I could die a happy girl...out walks Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, Peter Facinelli, Billy Burke, Rachelle Lefevre, Ashley Greene, Kellan, Anna Kendrick, Michael Welch, Kiowa Gordon(Embry). I saw Kristen Stewart literally RUN out of the bus...she looked so scared of the fans so i managed an action shot of her but wow...when Taylor Lautner came out. He honestly glows...he is so gorgeous...no photoshop on those promos pics...honestly...the man glows. I was literally shaking.

I managed to get myself off of cloud nine and run back to the line. I shared all of my pix with my line friends and my boyfriend. It didnt stop there. When we were let into the theater we were giving amazing freebies including DuWop's new Lip Venom and the New Moon candy. They also handed out official New Moon posters signed by various cast members (mine is from Kiowa Gordon!!) others got Michael Welch and unrecognizable signatures. We rushed to our seats in the theater and I realized that we were split into a couple of different screening rooms. Once seated (we got the second row!!!) there was a microphone placed front and center and we were told we would receive 5 random castmates. I took a video this time (fully prepared ;) this time) and taped our group. Sadly :( no Rob or Taylor but my group got Kristen, Nikki, Rachelle, Kellan, and Billy.
Thanks, Courtney!


  1. You can totally tell in this video that Kristen and Nikki are still as close as ever, maybe now Ted Casablanca can shut his mouth and stop building up all those false rumors.

  2. I think it's kinda rude that they were screaming for Taylor and Rob ... I feel bad for the ones that showed up at the showing. I think they did great jobs in the movie as well!

    Kristen is hilarious. I love that she apologized that the main guys weren't there. I think we will see interesting things from her in the future.

  3. That was so awesome of Kristen to stay and sign autographs and take pics with fans. Her shyness may come off as rudeness to some people (especially the jealous ones), but she seems pretty generous and grateful to her fans. I'm glad to see Kristen and Nikki being cordial to one another at least. After all, they have to work together again soon.

  4. i hate the fact that Nikki and Kristen ain't friends anymore.. i loved them together.<3

  5. so glad this proves stupid Ted C. wrong....Nikki just ended that rumor by saying "we love eachother" abt her and Kristen..but its good to see the cast together as always, really awesome that they did this!

  6. anonymous @10:22
    they werent just being cordial to each other they were talking and laughin like the good friends they are.
    anonymous @10:32
    what video did you watch? you can tell by this one and the one at radar that all of Ted Casablancas crap about them not being friends is a lie, they were interacting with each other like they've always done.
    I think this once and for all can show the people who believe Ted C. that what he says is pure BS, Kristen and Nikki are still good friends you can see the proof here and as far as Kristen and Rob goes all i see from the videos is to really good friends.

  7. Lol. Love Kristennn. :)

  8. You all heard Kristen say "Summit wants you to stop talking now". So none of us really know what is going on. Summit doesn't want them commenting on their friendship or any other things. We all *hope* their friends but a contract is a contract.

    Anywho, Kristen is adorable and so is the rest of the cast! I do believe that they are all friends, BUT I do believe Summit is trying to push a few things WAY too much and trying to hide a few things WAY too much. To each their own. Right.


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