July 19, 2009

Fan Gets Bear Hug from Alex Meraz at London Film and Comic Con

I'm too busy working today to blog (working on the weekends is one of the hazards of having a full-time job and being an obsessive blogger), but I must take a pause to be jealous over this pic from Shraddha, who got a big hug from Alex Meraz yesterday at Comic-con in London. Shraddha wrote:
I met Alex Meraz today at London Film and Comic Con and I can assure you and all the ladies out there that he's a gentleman! My first encounter with him was at the photo shoot in which he gave everyone a tight hug (trust me I couldn't breath for a while) and he asked me how I was doing and didn't rush it at all. Then I went to see him again at the autograph booth and he remembered me and greeted me. He asked how I pronounce my name, Shraddha (rhymes with Prada) and told me I have the most beautiful name and at that point I almost fainted. He's extremely lovely and everyone who met him said the same thing.
Ok. I'm changing my name to Shraddha, just in case I ever meet Paul - er, I mean, Alex. :-)

Thanks for sharing, Shraddha!


  1. Awwh Shraddha- you sound like a lucky lady and a very calm gracious one!! congrats on your celeb story!! I would love a hug from any of them, but I hug everyone I meet in general just the way I roll!! Probably would scare some ppl.!!LOL
    Damn look at those pipes!!

  2. OMG
    I'm soooo jealous.
    I want the wolf pack to do an Orlando con.

  3. one word: jealous... xDD Haaaappy for the girl :D

  4. Alex is a fox! It looks like they're bf and gf, so close, you lucky girl!

  5. seriously his hug made my day wrapped in those huge arms! lol so glad i went comic con!!!

  6. I met him today! Ladies, he is soo gorgeous in real life it's unbelievable and my picture with him turned out absolutely amazing. He gave me a tight hug too and was very lovely at the discussion panel later on. I also met Peter and saw Justin :) Peter was incredibly nice too even though I was a bag of nerves when I went up to him. Then I went to Bobby Long and Marcus Foster's concert. If you haven't seen them yet go as soon as they are playing near you. Amazing singers. All of this happened in one day I'm still dizzy :D

  7. Thank you Heidi Ho, thparkle for kind words! He is a lovely guy and very down to earth!

    Thanks to everyone who commented as well! :)


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