July 8, 2009

London Fan Blogs About Remember Me Set

Radaronline features a blog post from Laura, a Londoner who was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Remember Me filming yesterday and give some cool behind the scenes details:
In between scenes Rob was playing with his shades - taking them off and putting them back on repeatedly - I don't know if it's because it was sunny or a nervous habit. He also kept drinking his soda - constantly - we know how fond he is of his caffeine but maybe these long, hot (fan-girl filled) NYC days are draining him more than he's used to?

Between takes Rob just looked like he was concentrating - on his lines, on getting into character, and tuning out the crowd.
In addition, Laura saw 007 himself:
When it looks like they're pausing for lunch, I wander back to the trailer side of the building and, guess who turns up - Pierce Brosnan! People were so focused on looking for Rob, I don't know if many even noticed 007 striding on up to his trailer. Pierce (aka Charles Roth - Tyler/Rob's Dad) was such a gentleman - Bond through and through - so friendly and gracious, waving to us and stopping to take photos with a few people - including me!

Pierce went into to see Rob and then they both walked over to the make-up trailer side-by-side together - they definitely have a real father and son quality - I approve the casting ;) They just walked over once together from Rob's trailer to make-up - they seemed in their own bubble, surrounded by Rob's body-guards (Pierce didn't appear to have one) talking to each other quietly and both obviously aware of their audience.
Read the rest at Radaronline.


  1. Le gasp! I am uber jealous. James Bond AND Rob?! Luuuucky!


  2. Yeah, the casting on this movie is fantastic. Pierce and Rob in the same movie. I don't care what it's about, I'm going!

  3. Well done Laura, keep up the good work ;-)

  4. That was me! I have photos over on my blog too of Rob, with Pierce and with... Rob's bodyguard!!!

  5. Pierce Bronson and Rob side by side...I may just faint. 007 and Edward...WOAH!

    I actually wondered if Rob felt like he was at home in all this nasty east coast rainy weather.

  6. OMG... if they don't speak in their British accents I am just going to die!!!

    To have Rob and PIERCE FREAKING BROSNAN in a movie together and not have them use their natural accent just seems cruel.

  7. There seems to be a crucial role missing from this movie...ME, starring as the cheese in a PBrosnan-RPattison-Father-Son-Sandwich!


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