July 27, 2009

F-Twilight Guys, Pattinson Pants Lady & Eating Sushi Next to the Cast at Nobu: Letter to Twilight Goes to Comic-Con

Letters to Twilight is hilarious, and I effing love Moon's Comic-con adventures. Read about their experience meeting the Pattinson Pants Lady and these two non-TwiDudes:
These were my favorite guys we saw in the lines. They took those crazy Team Edward/Team Jacob Burger King crowns flipped them inside out and wrote “F*ck Twilight” on them. WIN!
Read the rest of Moon's adventures at LTT, and her tale of having dinner next to the cast at Nobu by accident.


  1. brave ones!! they are lucky their asses didn't get clipped by a f'ing taxi cab! They don't know the power of rabid fangirls! lol

  2. They were in back of me in line for Hall H. My favorite tweaked crown read "Team Discovery Channel". So random. Like Twilighters aren't smart. Um, Hello Biochemist here. pfft They're were still pretty funny though. =D

  3. OK - Pattinson Pants Lady really needs help. That's just freaky scary........

  4. Gosh, They're so cool *says sarcastically*
    Geez, what were THEY there for? The japanese anime booths?


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