July 29, 2009

EW Wants to Know Who Else in the Cast is Replaceable

EW Popwatch has an interesting article up, spurred by the recent replacement of Rachelle Lefevre with another actress. Popwatch's Mandy Bierly asks:
What about Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, who you write about every other day, you ask? Oh, Summit should NEVER replace them or there would be Twi-hard rioting and we’d have to give up our Taylor Lautner Bicep Watch category. But, if I truly believed the new actors would bring more to the book characters — to whom my loyalties lie — I’d give them a chance. I’m not saying I want them replaced; I’m just saying that if they were, it wouldn’t equal an instant boycott from me.
Agree or disagree?

EW wants to know who else you could see recast. Read the rest and weigh in here.


  1. Don't agree- I think recasting would cause a little upset amongst the masses. Especially with the main characters.
    On a personal note it would be very sad, I like the once unknown actors that have found fast fame from a fluke of a movie. I think it's great that they are able to have career's and do what they seem to enjoy. Not many young ppl their age even have a clue what they want to do with their lives. It nice when good ppl get a happy ending!!

  2. Wow!Summit is cheap!And David i'm hating him alot , already!LOL!I agree!*sigh*

  3. I would love to start a riot with other Twihards!It would be so much fun =]!And this probably would effect the fan base.

  4. Disagree! I'm already upset about Rachelle and Victoria's not even that big of a character and she's a villain.
    If they were to replace any of the main characters, especially Rob, I might boycott!

  5. Soooo, what if Summit believed that bigger name stars, would bring more fame to the film franchise — would all we little fans, have to give them a chance?!?

    Interesting when the question is put, that way, hu?

    Sure, Rob is so big now, that his 'Edward' part is secure. But what about ... oh.... 'Alice' for insance? Got a bigger star who is very pixy-like, who'd like to jump on the Twilight bandwagon? -shudder-

    Or how about 'Jasper'? Got a bigger star who would like to jump on the bandwagon, in his part? -more shivers-

    Scary thoughts, hu?

    Alice's Aunt

  6. I dont think David had anything to do with this obviously Summit has lost their mind

    but lets look at the positives..and maybe a reason Summit thought to recast... Bryce Dallas Howard is the daughter of RON HOWARD. They need someone to direct Breaking Dawn...why not just be like "well we gave your daughter the role in our movie..." then they could guilt trip him into it.... Im just saying

  7. @Kristin - totally agree there. I was thinking the same thing last night and was Googling my hiney off trying to find some sort of link between Ron Howard and Summit and nada. I guess the link is Bryce.

  8. This shows a lack of respect for us...what happen if Summit decide to film Breaking Dawn and Rob is busy with Unbound Captives? Are they going to change him too? This is serious! You can't change an actor just like that! is not fair for us! They should sign the actors for the whole saga and establish the dates more clearly...apparently Rachelle knew about the rehearsal dates and everything and still sign for Barne's whatever...I just hope this don't happen again in the future or maybe they will end the saga with Eclipse and let us hanging...what else can we expect? I'm really disappointed with all this!

  9. wow! i knew people didn't like Nikki being Rosalie but THAT MANY!? does everyone hate her.. hmph.
    anyway im really disapointted. Summit sucks. Rachelle should have NEVER been replaced, she's the one and only Victoria. Bryce can act but she isn't Victoria. hell no.

  10. I'm with Heidi. No I don't agree. Once the fans have grown to associate an actor with a character they need to leave it as is.

  11. Anon@2:33am -- YES. That many people hate her. Nikki's cool and all, but far from "the most beautiful girl in the world."

    I really REALLY hope that Ron Howard doesn't get in on the Breaking Dawn action. NOT a good idea, people. Not a good idea. If anyone would, he would take the story and make it his own -- who knows what he'd sacrifice from the original story?!

  12. I respect Ron Howard as a director but can I envision him directing BD? NO WAY!! As for bringing in more famous stars to take over the larger roles, it would mean more money. That's supposedly the reason Rachelle was dumped: she was supposed to get a large raise for Eclipse. My feelings are with the sister above who wrote that Summit sucks. All these young actors from Twilight were unknown and it was their work that put Summit on the map. That's why replacing Rachelle is such a slap in the face for the fans.


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