July 29, 2009

Eclipse Tribute - We'll Miss You Rachelle!

I can't believe you won't get to film the fight scene *tear* Victoria won't be the same without you!

Thanks Tiffany666

- Lorabell

*boo hoo*^2 :( - TCA


  1. I am sooo upset over this change. I really liked Rachelle I can't see this other girl being as vicious.

  2. I'm gonna miss her! She was the best Victoria!!! Wish you the best!

  3. I am downright angry. There is no way that this Bryce actress will add any more fans to Eclipse than would Rachelle. Except of course, her father the very powerful Ron Howard. I would bet that Ron did not even PAY to have Rachelle thrown under the bus so his little girl could get onto a great franchise: it bet all it took was an invitation to a soiree at the Howard home. Wanna bet?

    And Rachelle has the energy to be equal to Edward Cullen in the final battle. Bryce does not have that, although I am sure she is great as a delicate water sprite...

  4. These things happen and it sucks for sure but I believe BDH will do a wonderful job as Victoria. I'll miss Rachelle but will glory in the fact that the movie is being made and Taylor is trying to put 10 more pounds on his pecs - will be more happy due to the fact that when "Eclipse" comes out Taylor will finally be 18. Thank the Lord I won't feel so dirty.

    And Ms. Heather I'm not sure if you are serious or just being facetious but BDH has done quite well without her pops help and even if Daddy Ron did make a call this is how the industry and many jobs work - nepotism makes our world go round.

  5. Oh, the reason why I really wanted to comment I love how Steven Strait in many of the fan movie trailers is used as the Jacob Black replacement because Taylor's older films he looks to young & it is a bid hard at the moment to use the clips from "New Moon." Steven is a cutie but he isn't Taylor.

  6. I totally agree with what you said Heather.Also Bryce doesn't have her hair that red enough to play the role of Victoria.In the book its says that Victoria had her hair really red as furious as fire and brighter.And Bryce doesn't have red hair like fire , or does she?No.Let me guess Summit or David Slade who is being a bitch already and hasn't even begin fliming 'Eclispe' replaced Rachelle for Bryce.Rachelle is , i mean was the PERFECT!Victoria!P-E-R-F-E-C-T!And she has a part almost at the end.David Slade better make 'Eclispe' feel and look like in the book.I already dislike David.I'm mean what a bitch!Just let Rachelle play her once more!When Eclispe comes out i won't really enjoy the Victoria scene's.And if Bryce is going to play the role of Victoria , she better do a damn god job and not let me down and the other Twihards.She has to be firece , just like Rachelle was.Summit is dissapoing me about this situtaion.Bumming me out alot.I'm not thrilled a bit.I think the fan base might be lower for Eclispe 'cuz of Victoria.

    I will truly miss Rachelle alot.I hope her the best.Wish her all the luck in the world.-Renesmee *Tears* *snif,snif* =[

  7. All i really have to say is Summit and David don't fuck with me!And what a dissapointment!*hella angry*

  8. Weird...

    So many unanswered questions...

    There's been all the chatter, that Summit is keeping Rob & Kristen 'apart.'

    Now Summit announces that the actress of a key role 'Victoria,' has been replaced.

    I don't like it............

    I want to know the whole story.....

    And we never will.......

    I really, really am not liking how this filming of the Twilight Saga is going.....

    I'm close to losing the "fire in my belly," for this franchise. Which is the saddest part, actually.

    Alice's Aunt

  9. I'm so mad that she got replaced!! I loved Rachelle and really wanted to see her in the movie where she gets the most attention! I hope the new girl is good!!

  10. would you believe me if i said i was nikki reed?July 30, 2009 at 10:04 AM

    I'll miss you Rachelle.
    I nearly shed a tear when i foudn out the news and screamed "WHAT?!!!!" Really loud (yeah, i did that).
    I'll miss you so much and i just want you o know that no one will ever do better or will ever really replace you cause you're my victoria.
    p.s i agree with alice's aunt. I felt teh same way when dakota fanning was casted.
    And i have foudn that i am losing the 'i love twilight' feeling and that i shoudl move on. :(
    but i don't want to.

  11. At robsessedpattinson.com you can sign onto a fan movement to bring back Rachelle. You can also call Summit directly and leave a voice message @ 310 309 8400.


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