July 22, 2009

Eclipse Pre-Production Pics

More Twitter action for the morning - Eclipse's David Slade has been Twitpicing location scouts - he's apparently only sharing places they "don't think" they'll be using - for now - but I'm liking the feel of this place as "the meadow":

...Of course, I've not properly seen the New Moon meadow as yet so don't know why they'd be replacing it (unlike the one in Twilight, which was always a bit lack lustre for me).

I wonder if they'd skew where *SPOILER* Victoria and Edward smack down - more space for some Vamp on Vamp action, perhaps?

Not that kind of action *KStew style eye-roll* you'll have to wait for Breaking Dawn... I hope! ;)

- Lorabell


  1. I doubt even then they'll show anything in the movie. :(

  2. Don't see it as the meadow- more as the clearing where they played ball or in NM where the wolves fight the vamps.

  3. I can't wait for that part of Breaking Dawn ;)

  4. Me too JUJU!!! I want to see Breaking Dawn!!! Pleaseeee we have to do something! Summit MUST film Breaking Dawn for their own good!!!!

  5. I'm sure Summit will have a very angry grouping of twilights if they don't film Breaking Dawn.

    As for a sex scene in BD though, I doubt it. Meyer didn't write them in her books, so I doubt she would allow them to write one in the movie ... although it would be awesome if they did.

    It wouldn't be the meadow, I don't think, but it very well could be where they have the meeting with the wolves and cullen's, where they are learning to fight newborns. It really looks like the baseball clearing, so if they are trying to find a place that looks like it, it could be that.

  6. It looks like Alisha said where they have the meeting with the wolves and cullen's, where they are learning to fight newborns.

    I'm really looking foward if Summit will flim Breaking Dawn.I'm pretty sure they are , because i think the Twilight Saga cast already signed the contract or something to flim Breaking Dawn.Rob was the last person to sign.Summit just can't leave us with Eclispe , won't be fair at all.And i wouldn't mind going up to Summit with a few , HA! , many friend who are Twilight freaks like me and give a piece of my mind and fist.

  7. I would defend my Twilight addiction!Twilight life , and other Twilighters!My Twilight rights!


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