July 14, 2009

Feeling Vamp Frisky? :-)

Now *this* is nice jawporn!

The Frisky is frisky and ponders what makes Vampire Sex so hot?
Let me be frank. I totally want to do it with a vampire. If I was Sookie Stackhouse, I would let Bill Compton bite me every single time. If Edward Cullen thought barely kissing would be enough for me, he would sorely mistaken. In the fourth book of the “Twilight” series, Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward finally have sex for the first time on their honeymoon and though the Mormon author of the series, Stephanie Meyer, didn’t give readers the deets of the sex itself, the aftermath—sheets and pillows torn to shreds—said it all. Vampire sex, in Meyer’s world, is rough.


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  1. I need to get me a coffin...

  2. hahahaha you're the best TCA!!!! You can see in True Blood the umm how can I say this...it's rough and argghhh!!! hahaha I love the description Stephanie gave in Breaking Dawn but I love the part when Bella see the feathers all over the room! haha I bite a pillow!! Oh my godd!!! Details can get your imagination to work and create your own scene! I think vampires have that reputation of being sexy and charming and mess with your head...I can tell you that if Edward appears through my window one night I'll never let him go away! I'll buy a coffin so he can stay there all day waiting for me...Oh well! That was a great dream! hahaha

  3. Me too! I love how Stephanie descripe the honeymoon night.Riped pillow , headboard broken , pillows everywhere in top of Bella , Edward away from Bella trying to control himself.

    TCA Me too! I want to do it with vampire and with Jake!Ha! I think (twi) crack went up to my head.

    Edward can BUST my headboard , BITE my pillows , and BRUISE my body any day.And so can Jake , too!

  4. *THUD* I love that pic - total jawsomeness and KStew makes a schmexy damsel!
    I'm hoping for a Breaking Dawn "editors cut" - after 3 books of foreplay all I want is one paragraph description of something steamy to make me happy!
    P.s. Is it really wrong of me to be turned on by the idea of morning-after brusing?!

  5. Too funny TCA!! and soo true!!
    HisCrookedSmiles- not wrong- I think most of us let our imagination run a muck during the whole book!! I don't know about you, but I bruise easily and haven't been a no vamps!! Hee Hee

  6. Geez, if that is a pure unadulterated jaw porn in the top pic, then I don't know what is! I listen to 'Twilight Newborns' podcast and one of the hosts, Melissa, is obsessed with Robward's jaw. She would appreciate this still shot.

  7. I liked how it's describe in the book, the aftermath - kinda leave it to your own dirty imagination. But I'm with you - bite me! along with other things.

  8. I love The Frisky!!! They hosted a to-do in the city a while back and I scored the cutest pair of freebie hot pink "The Frisky" undies - wooo! Er, TMI???

    Man I need to find more bloggy-Twi-time - all the work/sick kitty/family stuff is killing STY - lol... But really...

    OK I hear meowing - duty calls...


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