July 10, 2009

Did you honestly think this Skinny Biatch (*said w/ great affection*) was Preggers?

Look how skinny her ass is; I haven't been this small since I was 12. Anyhoo, Letters to Twilight has the rundown on what some people really think about this silly shizz. Here is what one of my funny TwiCrack readers had to say in response to that dumb story that referenced KStew's non-existent pregnancy-pooch and unbuttoned leather pants:

“Maybe she had a big lunch and just wants to Al Bundy it!”

We loves KStew! Read the rest of what people had to say about KStew's barely-there food baby at Letters to Twilight.


  1. I love her too! I don't understand why so many people hate her! :( I think she did a perfect Bella.

    I think it is funny that they tried to run a pregnancy story just because she had the TINIEST pooch. Ugh.

  2. Cool! Now we don't have to worry if Kstew and RPattz would name their love child something incredibad like Renesmee! Phew! :)

  3. Rock those skinny-ass-bitch jeans, KStew: any gal who can look that good wearing spray-on leather pants isn't pulling a Juno!

  4. haha I read it! This is crazy! I love Robsten and I wish they were together but come on!! this is sooo stupid!! Oh and TCA? She's skinny because she has an abortion of the 4th of July weekend...yes, they said that too!

  5. Damn tabloids!! they are always doctoring up the photo's!! She is crazy skinny!! I was like that maybe when I was 9!!

  6. LOVE you twicrack! youre an amazing fake HARDBALL panelist!


  7. Twicrack, I'm honored that you posted my 'Al Bundy' comment! It's sometimes just faster to use annonymous sometimes. It really was me, you can check my ip address. Just when I say something funny, I use annonymous :( Anyway those rumors were desperate attempts to 'cause a ruckus in the Twi community where there IS NO scandle!

  8. If the chick wants to unbutton her freakin pants, let her! If I could walk around with my pants unbuttoned, HELLS yeah I would!!!




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