July 30, 2009

Demitri's Tweet to Rachelle?

Charlie Bewley seems to have Tweet his support to Rachelle... does anyone know what a Vangrooooover* is?

- Lorabell

*Thanks Bonnie - of course: "Vancouver"!


  1. ?
    I feel like a cartoon character.
    There's a giant question mark floating above my head.

  2. I hope the cast feels able to show their support for Rachelle.

    Come on, Summit. Stop biting the hand that feeds you. The only one suffering in this whole deal is the fans.

  3. I have a feeling that Summit will tell the rest of the cast to keep their comments to themselves. Corporations are a bitch.

  4. Is that a foreign language? I have no idea what it means. I assume he's showing sympathy or something.

  5. "Ich bin ein" translates from German to English "I am a".... Vangrooverer again??

    It is a famous quote from JFK from a speech he gave giving his support to West Germany after the Soviets erected the Berlin Wall in the 60's. His quote was "Ich bin ein Berliner", "I am a Berliner".

  6. lol i saw that and immediately thought "Vancouver hangover" - get it? a Vangooooover.

  7. its what they call Vancouver..

    They been there a while and made a nik name for Vancouver.

  8. @Anon 11.12am: "Ich bin ein Berliner" actually means "I am a doughnut" - fact!

  9. I am gonna guess it means "I've been in Vancouver again"


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