July 20, 2009

David Slade is Back Again

David Slade is back on Twitter after deleting his old account. Follow David here.

[via Twilight Examiner]


  1. Wahhh Wahhh Wahhh Woe is me :(

    I'm just saying his talent better overshadow his personality.....

  2. He IS a very talented visual artist. I really can't wait to see what he does with Eclipse, all that snow and the newborns... i think it will be the best in the whole series (unless they pick someone even more badass for Breaking Dawn).

    Everybody should watch Hard Candy and 30 days of night, not only are the stories great, but they look amazing.

  3. Don't watch Hard Candy unless you want to be disturbed......

  4. I insist they need to put Chris in Breaking Dawn!!!!!! hehe I hope David does a great job in Eclipse is one of the most important book of the saga and the crucial moment in Edward and Bella relationship and the end of Victoria! I wonder how that scene would be! It should be awesome!

  5. I'm sure he will do a decent job!! At least we all hope !! This is the most exciting book as far as sooo much action and really understanding Jacob and Edward. One of my fav-chapters is Fire and Ice- so well written and helps us grow to love the characters even more. Then leads up to the big fight scene with Victoria- oh sooo good. Can't wait- DS has such a great opportunity to make or break himself as a director:)) I'm sure there's a lot of pressure.


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