July 6, 2009

Cyberscans, enhanced abs, and Six Degrees of Separation.: Interview with Embry Call Kiowa Gordon

Kiowa Gordon gave an awesome interview with Indian Country Today, and talks about New Moon, his plans, etc. Here is an excerpt:
Within a couple of weeks word came he landed the part of Embry Call. “My mom got an e-mail. She was ecstatic.” After speaking to the director on the phone, he was off to Los Angeles for a “cyberscan.” It’s a technique used in many movies to create real-life animation. “A machine went around my body to create a computer image so I could be transformed into a werewolf.”

“When I went to Vancouver, the first person I met was Alex Meraz. During the first three weeks I hung out with the wolf pack. We worked with a personal trainer. I gained five pounds. We all bonded and became like brothers,” Gordon said. “I’m the smallest (physically) but I’m the tallest.” Gordon is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

He describes a day of the set. “We spend an hour in makeup (basically) getting darker and they enhanced our abs,” laughs Gordon. “It was really cold, one degree Celsius. We wore robes before our shoots. All our scenes were outdoors. We had to get in the rain.”

Gordon met all the major actors and shot a scene with Stewart. “I’ve had long hair since the seventh grade, to my shoulders. Our hair has to be short when we become werewolves. I had no idea they were going to cut it. Oh man!”

“Twilight’s” worldwide massive fan base enthusiastically embraced the wolf pack. Gordon, who has a MySpace page, said before he landed the role he had 200 “friends.” Now he has 2,500 “friends.” During his down time in Vancouver, he and fellow werewolves dealt with the paparazzi who were eager to snap photos.

Gordon admits fame has its drawbacks. “People think I have money,” he said with a smile. While he landed a big role, filming lasted only two weeks although he flew back to Vancouver for a few more days for last scenes. “People also think I can coach them with their acting; I’m the last person they should be asking.”

His acting skills must be better than he thinks. He signed a contract to reprise the role in future sequels. In the meantime, he’s spending time in Germany learning to speak German. (He caught a flight to Frankfurt the day after the graduation). Gordon also hopes to go on a two-year mission for his church.
In addition, we learn that Kiowa has a connection to Stephenie Meyer:
Ironically, “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer is a member of Gordon’s church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They attend the same ward; Meraz is also LDS.
Read the rest here.

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  1. Cool article. I'm curious about how he looked with long hair. I'm also not sure how I should feel about him being the tallest in the pack at 5'11. Those guys must be shrimps. I thought the wolves were supposed to be tall?

  2. He's sounds like an amazing fellow. I do hope they have the wolves do the con circuit.

  3. Yeah, as a mattter a fact one of the times I got to talk with Kiowa he told me he was in church and Stephenie Meyer told him she thought he would be great for one of the wolves, so she got him the books to read, and got him an audition. And luckily he got the part after all :)

  4. @Xochitl Zuniga

    Oooo! That's so kewl!I didn't know that.And you so lucky to meet him , in person and to talk with him for awhile.Lucky ducky!And now he has the part!Wow!So lucky too!

    How would his hair look if it were still long?

  5. He's adorable . . .

    If he read the books, I would think he'd know he had to cut his hair, though . . .


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