July 25, 2009

Comic Con Panel Transcript :)

Thinking of Rob has diligently typed up a transcript from the Hall H Panel - here's an excerpt:

"Q: Hi, my question is for the gentleman in the plaid, you look familiar but I can’t place you. Oh, yeah, umm, Rob, that’s it. Rob, I saw you in How To Be and I thought it was an excellent movie and I thought that your manneurismes and facial expressions, like, lent themselves really well to comedy so I was wondering if you’re thinking of doing anymore comedic roles in the future? It’s not a trick question.

Rob: Ummm yeah, I mean, why not? I mean, I don’t know if I’m particularly funny, I mean one of my legs is shorter than the other one so it makes everything look very awkward so I can just pretty much look like an idiot but I don’t know whether I can be like witty. It could be a problem.

Q: It’s still funny though the … chicken run. I like that. I think it’s awesome.

Rob: (laughs) Thanks (laughs)"

To read it in full - whilst watching along with the videos (you know it's true!) - go to Thinking of Rob


  1. thanks for finding/posting this! this transcription of the panel is great!

  2. Love watchin the video's - but the transcripts are great incase you miss anything!!

  3. This was great to read! Rob and Chris mentioned a "fight scene" at the end of the movie. I don't remember there being one at the end of the book. Is this something they added with the Volturi? I actually wouldn't mind a fight scene, just wondering if I missed it at the end of the book.

  4. Anonymous 12:43 am ~
    I think I've heard before that they were going to make the Volturi scenes more physical. I don't know EXACTLY what that means. But we all know Edward is wrything in pain when Jane does her mind trick work on him. Perhaps they made Aro or someone fight physically with Edward?

  5. Thanks theparkle. Yeah, I figured it had to be during the Volturi scene. It's such a tense scene that I'm sure they wanted to add more excitement with some kind of fight. Like I said, I wouldn't mind seeing some fighting on screen!


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