July 23, 2009

Comic-Con Line Controversy

LA Times shares a little bit of what we might experience if we were waiting on line for Hall H:
A group of girls, who wanted to be called the anti-Twimoms, complained loudly to Elite security officers about people who were saving space at the front of the line, and older fans -- or mothers of fans -- who were cutting in line and camping out. The girls proceeded to say that it was also "creepy" that some of the women were so adamant about going to a panel to see a teenager (Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob - apparently the moms were on 'Team Jacob').

Security told them that each person was allowed to hold 3 spaces in line, and that that was a courtesy granted to them. "You are actually loitering, " said one of the security guards. The girls countered by saying that if one person can hold 3 spots, then if one of those people came, then they could also hold three spots, and the line in front of them would increase exponentially.
I can understand these girls' frustrations, as it makes sense that the people willing to camp out overnight really deserve to get into Hall H...but going after older fans? Inneresting.


  1. Lol, the Twi-Moms are "breaking the treaty" with the Twi-tweens!

  2. haha HisCrookedSmiles ... but I can understand why they are upset.

  3. @Alisha totally - I think wrist-bands are smart idea!

  4. They do it for people waiting in line for video games or systems (remember the Wii a few years back) ... why not for something that is far crazier? Maybe at the next comic con ... if there is one.

  5. I can completely understand why they are annoyed, i kinda get what they mean about the twimoms but then i guess thats cause im 18 lol... the bit about the thong was gross tho... its like my mum asking my boyfriend to sign her pants :S that is a but werid. Don't get me wrong I think all age groups should be able to enjoy twilight, i guess you just expect older people to be more mature about situations like this? sorry if this sounds like im hating on twimoms, but i dont mean it like that! xxx

  6. I'm 21, and a mom ... lol. I honestly didn't think it was so insane that twimoms were asking to get thongs signed. That's ... kinda gross. lol.

  7. lol! ah thats not too bad tho, i mean your younger than robert pattinson anyways and only 4 years older than taylor...and only 2 years older than kristen but im guessing you wouldnt want her to sign your thong haha:P xxx

  8. I agree that some of these twimoms are creepy. I went to the twilight convention in minneapolis this weekend and some of the women there were absurd. Women in their late 40s or early 50s asking Bronson to take his clothes off. I found it offensive and creepy. They need to get a life. By the way I'm 30 and a twimom, so it isn't just the younger fans that think some of these older fans are gross.

  9. Too bad!! This is the price one pays for Obsessiveness, addiction- etc. !! Can't please everyone!! At least you're there!!

  10. Oh Boo Hoo. Next time come earlier, but I agree that the wristbands are an excellent idea. And that thong story is so last year. I know there are some crazy older fans out there, but as an older fan that is not crazy I take offense. I believe that without the grass roots online efforts of some of the 20 and over Twilight fans, Twilight wouldn't have been nearly as successful as it is.

  11. I don't think it's right for anyone to judge about age, even if you're in your 30s and talking about "older" twimoms because the teens and 20-something fans could be talking about the 30-year-olds when they make the creepy/gross comments.

    What I'm trying to say is that I don't think 'age' should be the deciding factor on 'creepiness,' - - it should be 'behavior.'
    I'm sorry, but it's weird for a 15, 20, 30, 40, or 50 year old to ask to have a 'thong' signed. Have some decorum, people!

    And NO ONE should be able to save places in line. If you want to be in the front of the line, do the time, that's what I say.

    Ridiculous. But not because of age at all - - it's ridiculous because holding spots for others isn't right to those who plan their time to wait it out. Maybe those in line WANTED to go see the Twilight showing, too - - but they waited in line, instead. Why should someone who went to the movie come and get in line in FRONT of them, after?


  12. Yeah, I think that the wristband idea makes sense too. I totally feel for these gals, who have lost shut-eye trying to get into Hall H. Doesn't seem fair to have people kind of cutting or saving spots for those who weren't willing to tough out the night, you know?

    As for thong-talk. Yuckos. Age doesn't really make a difference in whether or not such behavior is appropriate. I am in the age-range to be a TwiMom, but I don't consider myself to be a TwiMom. I'm just a TwiFan.

    I just wonder, what if the genders were reversed and you had some man speaking that way to a woman with such sexual innuendo? It's just uncomfortable.

  13. I would be mad with anyone cutting in line too, no matter what age they are!!!!

    Now about holding spaces, I understand that a common courtesy is that if i.e. two people are standing in line together and one of them needs to go the washroom or get a coffee, etc. that person can leave, his/her friend can save his/her space and when that person returns the other people in line should acknowledge that he/she was in the line before.

    However I don't agree with allowing to save spaces for a extended period of time for people that has never been in line. People who arrive early should go inside first. And if someone wants to camp out, well... good for them!! I don't understand why the girls complained about THAT. If they didn't like their place in the line they should have arrived earlier.

    I have seen this TwiTweens/Teens vs. TwiMoms "feud" going on for some time now. I'm 32 but I'm not married nor a mom so I can't really identify completely with the moms. But I can't identify with the tweens/teens either. My opinion is that both sides have some valid points although we should generalize saying "all tweens/teens are this way or all moms are that way".

    That said, I think some tweens/teens are annoying and don't behave properly, screaming too much and not respecting the actors's personal space (mostly Rob's). But I'm the first one to admit that some moms are creepy also behaving improperly for their age, especially towards actors (mostly male actors) that sometimes are young enough to be their children.

    As a side note I have to say that I have noticed some tweens/teens (and again, this is not a generalization) resent the "moms" because they have more resources and more freedom at their disposal. Many "moms" (especially those who aren't moms! LOL) have jobs that allow them to afford good seats at conventions, travelling to Vancouver or Italy to go set hunting or purchasing more Twilight-related merchandise. Also because "moms" are adults they can do things like camping outside Hall H (:D LOL) while the parents of many tweens (especially) or teens wouldn't allow them to do something like that unsupervised (and they won't or can't go with their daughters/sons)

    Sorry if I got carried away but this is an interesting subject.

    Hugs and enjoy Comic Con!!!


  14. I'm over 30 and I adore twilight. Some Twimoms are creepy (Any of the cast that's under age are off limits...period)

    The teens are insane (Rob was right when he said their screaming sounds like arriving at the gates of hell) but that's the nature of the beast.

    It's not wrong for grown women to fan Twilight...it's written by a 30 something mom for christ sake. It shouldn't be surprising that her peers would relate to it too.

    Everyone needs to chill the hell out, they are just people and your creepy behavior (whether teen or adult) probably weirds them out!

  15. Sure it's wrong but everybody does it.
    It's part of being an obsessive fan.
    Weather it's Stars Wars, Star Trek, or Twilight.
    It's part of the game.
    If you don't dig it - don't go.
    As for making fun of older women liking young men - I laugh. 'Cause their kids. Wait till their 30 or 40 or 50 and they realize getting older doesn't mean you stop being attracted to younger men.
    That's youth talking.

  16. HisCrookedSmiles- LOL!Broke the treaty with Twi-tweens!
    Juju-Huh?How werid that's what i tell my mom , exatcly what you said

  17. This whole deal is so crazy, I'm a Twimom 47 I've done my share of line sitting for concerts. And it's not fun when people line cut, and securtity never does anything about it unfortunately. But come on souldn't you just be glad your there and we're at work? Some of the teen fans can make me cringe with all the screaming and mauling Rob Pattinson and just gettin a little too crazy. Just get over it and enjoy! And no I'm not a crazy Twimom lol!

  18. Line cutters are completely not cool. Yes, they should have had numbered wrist bands. Poor kids, welcome to having to deal with the general public.


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