July 22, 2009

CNN: Twilight Fans Young and Old(er) Bring 'Trek'-like crazy frenzy to Comic-Con

Even CNN is writing about us now! CNN's recent article describes fans' thirst for Twilight and the expected frenzy at Comic-con, and also acknowledges that Twilight fans aren't just tweens:

Something about the "Twilight" series causes a thirst that can't be quenched. Despite the fact that the next book in the saga is on hold and the next film, "New Moon," won't hit theaters until late November, fan conventions have been going strong all summer in cities across the nation.

And if you think it's just the tween crowd behind this, think again.

TwiTour, a weekend-long celebration, sounds like it would be reminiscent of a high school pep rally: raucous cheering with scads of teenage girls. But while there was plenty of screaming at the July 12 TwiTour in Atlanta, there were also plenty of women and a sprinkling of men who were unashamed that they were way beyond high school.

"It's the pure innocence of newfound love," explained 36-year-old fan Kimberly Hunt, who's not only read all four books, but also the 12 unfinished chapters of "Midnight Sun," a novel from the view of main vampire Edward's perspective, that are up on Stephanie Meyer's Web site. "Chivalry's dead, and you don't see it anymore. It takes you back to the days of your first love."

Read the rest of the article at CNN.


BTW - Anybody need a Thursday ticket to the special screening Twilight? Adriana's friend dropped out, and now she's got an extra ticket. She's love to hang out with another Twilighter, so email newadri@juno.com if interested.


  1. Sooo True-- I don't think all chivalry's dead!! just the most important parts!!

  2. Great article. While I don't think chivalry is dead yet it's definitely getting there.

  3. finally a serious news org. has admitted that it's not just tweens behind the Twilight phenomenon---now if they would only take the next step & admit that it is not just the figure Edward that holds our interest, but rather the sexy Brit who plays the role, Rob Pattinson, & that fans can indeed distinguish between the actor & the character--

  4. CNN! I emailed it to a couple of people hoping it will give me some cred. Eh, probably not but who cares - I'm happy in Twiland. - Suz

  5. You know what is funny, most of us at the Atlanta Twi Tour were older and I met a lot of cool people... There really wasn't that much screaming at all except for maybe 2 or 3 minutes when Kellan took the stage the first time... Other than that, mostly everyone was chill and quiet... and yes, my husband was one of the "sprinkling" of men at the convention who is in his late 30's and a Twilight fan... lol

  6. No, chivalry isn't dead, it's just in a coma.

    The boys of our generation need a good sharp slap upside the head. A wake up call! These boys see nothing but booty shakin ho's on TV and the movies! Everything is geared toward them. I listen to WCYY, an ALT Rock station here in Maine, and the DJ's complain about the Twilight chicks and how their wives have Rob Pattinson as their screensavers at home. But when Transformers came out and Megan Fox bent over for the world to give her a rectal exam, these same DJ's glorified her. DOUBLE-FRICKEN-STANDARD-BOYS!

    The reality of it is, our male counterparts have had it far too easy for far too long. Girls have generally reighned in their hormones for decades. And suddenly something ignited it, wether it's vampires, werewolves or just the actors themselves. Personally I think Robert is sex on legs, and I know how silly it is to react the way I do to him...but it is what it is. Guys have had that luxury for decades. So Im hoping that our guys can put aside their petty jealousy and try to figure out why the ladies of the world are losing their facilities over the Cullen and LaPush boys. If their smart, they'll learn from Twilight.

    Im 31 and proud to be a Twilighter!


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