July 29, 2009

Chris Weitz Says He has a lot of Estrogen ;-)

I love this quick interview with Chris Weitz from Time Magazine, where Chris talks about all the fan adulation that the cast members are facing:

Taylor seems the most comfortable with this level of scrutiny. He doesn't squirm as much.

It's funny. In a way he's the least prepared for the intense scrutiny, but he's very balanced about it. Whereas I think Rob and Kristen are very sheepish about it. Not that they don't appreciate it. But they're thrown a bit by it.

They just seem very human about it. I mean, who would not be freaked out by that?

If you enjoyed it too much it would be weird. It would mean you were addicted to that kind of adulation. The thing is, there's so much love coming towards you, but you can't really tell whether it's towards the characters or the actors themselves, or towards an image in the media. and that's strange.

In addition, Chris tells us about his 'fem' side:

Is it weird to be a guy directing Twilight? Since it's a franchise that's considered more for … the ladies?

I think at first it was odd for the fans when I came on board. There was a question of whether I was going to kind of try to bring some amped up macho mentality … I wouldn't even know how to do that. I think I'm pretty fem. I have a lot of estrogen.

At first Stephenie was a bit surprised that I had been brought out as a first choice. But we met and chatted and it all worked really well.

Read the rest of this cool interview here.


  1. I'm having a new found love affair obsession and it is with Chris!! Everytime I hear him speak or something is written about what he's saying- I'm soo finding myself- thinking this is a great guy!! A true gem in a rough and crazy world!!

  2. What a great interview. I love how honest and raw he seems. Very unpretentious.

  3. I think I want a Chris Weitz action figure! I heart him so much already.

  4. I am liking him more and more everyday! I love that he says there is lots of sparkling. haha!

  5. That picture is adorable! I love it when men don't get freaked out around babies.

  6. After watching the panel stuff from Comic Con and EW interview. I am hearting Chris more and more.

  7. Awww that too bad, Steph doesn't have a cameo in this one! Oh well. Anyway, that was a good interview. I have to agree with the rest of you ladies, Chris Wietz is wonderful. Everytime I see him in an interview he seems calm, reserved, but still gives valuable, articulate information about the movie.

  8. He's NYC born & bred. His mother is the actress Susan Kohner (he resembles her around the nose & eyes). He was educated at Cambridge, which explains a good bit of his cool & also the Brit touches in his speech. NM was lucky to get him.


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