July 28, 2009

Cast Conveyor-belt at Comic Con Screening

All the Twilight Comic-Con attendees arriving at one of the special screenings of the movie - I'd be excited too but am not so sure the screaming's necessary ;) adjust your volume!

Via Twilight Superfan

- Lorabell


  1. I almost fell off my chair , seriously!The volume was high , because i was at YouTube listen to ATL (All Time Low) 'Break Your Little Heart' and 'Therapy'.That was crazy.I wouldn't scream either Lorabell , it's not necessary.

  2. I just clicked on the vid before reading your commentary and I was like WTF do they have to scream!! NOTE TO SELF READ FIRST!! HEE HEE

  3. Indeed screaming is not necessary...
    Ashley Greene is so cute!
    Did a bodyguard have to stop someone or something when rob passed? LOL figures

  4. It looks like an escalator to me.

  5. Was it possible that the volume of screaming for Taylor was even louder than it was for Rob? I know now why they won't be able to make Breaking Dawn - they'll all be deaf! "What Alice, the Volturi are coming? I can't hear you."

  6. haha. Very true. The screaming was ridiculous. They are people. Normal people. Ridicously hot, normal people. :) ... Did Peter take a scarf or sweater from someone? LOL. I love him! He is too cute!

  7. Haha lol Randomly G-Licious!!!

    Did it look like Rob reached out to touch a fan's hand to anyone else?

    And Lorabell, I don't think the screaming is necessary either! I only scream when I'm mad, lol!

  8. Ah...saving the best for last. :)
    I was just waiting for him to show up!

    Me: Taylor!Taylor!Taylor! *there goes Rob*

    Taylor!Taylor!Taylor! *There goes Rachelle*

    Taylor!Taylor!Taylor...OMG, there's Kiowa! And Peter!

    Taylor!Taylor!Taylor! There he is! :D

  9. LOL
    I'm with Christina!
    That's exactly what I was thinking!

  10. That big jerk got in the way of Rob!!! GRRRR!

    Was it me or does Kristen look like a homeless person who got on the wrong escalator?


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