July 24, 2009

Full(ish) Cast at Screening

Radar online have a great video of the cast at one of the screenings from Comic Con with almost all of the cast, including - RPattz, KStew, PFach, Taylor, Ashley, Nikki, Kellen, Rebecca, Billy, Rachelle, Christian!
There is ALOT of screaming, lol - you would too (it's the Twilight Holy effing Grail!) - I am sooo jealous!

- Lorabell


  1. humm i never thought id say this but im starting to think there is some true to those Kristen/Nikki feur rumors i mean they were so distant with each other here.

  2. who is the tall woman standing between Christian Serratos and Billy Burke?

  3. Holy crap!~You can tell Rob almost died when he walked in and they started screaming like crazy.

    I couldn't even finish watching it, too much hysterical fangirl for me.

  4. I know Kat, all that fangirl screaming gives us more layed back, calm Twilighters a bad name. I don't understand the screaming and I guess I never will. I can undertand cheering and applause but that high-pitched screaming is just obnoxious, 'specially in big droves.

  5. heyy please a transcript too muchh hysterical teenager to hear anything didn't understand a word, sorry maybe it's just mee please TCA if you could find it it would be great! or a video with caption


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