July 10, 2009

Can't Buy Me Love, but I Can Buy Me an Autograph + Pay peeps to attend my party

$25: Get Peter's Autograph

Peter Facinelli will be signing autographs for a $25 charitable donation in West Virginia this weekend. WVgazette reports:
Saturday at noon, Facinelli will be in Center Court at Charleston Town Center Mall signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.

A portion of the $25 autograph fee or $40 photo fee will go to City of Joy, a program to help the abused and displaced women of the Congo. Facinelli says the charity really resonates with him. The 35 year-old has three daughters, and the plight of these women got under his skin.

"Meeting fans and helping people across the world just sounded good to me," he said.

See more event details here.

$20,000: Have Ashley come to your Birthday Party

Also, Marc Malkin shares that Twilight stars can now command big bucks to show up at events:

Want a Twilight star who isn't Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart to come to your birthday party? How about to a Halloween bash? Or maybe make an appearance at the local shopping mall?

Folks like Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and Peter Facinelli can command up to $20,000 for such appearances, according to a leading entertainment booking agent now working with many of these young stars...

Read the rest at e!online.

Pic from AshleyGreene.net.


  1. $20K!
    I wish I was rich.
    I would throw a party and pay for the wolf pack to attend.

  2. i wouldn't mind Ashley to drop in to my party.

  3. I would , but pricey , 20k!And with the budgets and crisis , and enconmy , and stuff going on.Wish i could.

  4. That pay money to come to your b-day party doesn't really rub me the right way. It's kinda weird. And 20k is really pricey, Geez!

  5. twicrack! 5 and a half hours in line at the mall, $25 for a yummy picture of dr. cullen in baseball gear and hella hurtin' feet = one happy twilight fan. he was dreamy and very nice. I can send you pictures if you want. (o:


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