July 6, 2009

Buy Bella's Bangles

InStyle tells us where we can buy Bella's bracelet and ring, which she sports in both New Moon and Twilight. Check it out here.

Thanks, Loan!


  1. I saw this. I totally want a moonstone ring ever since I saw Bella's in Twilight.

  2. you have got to watch this!

    in so you think you can dance show.
    theres a dance peace and the ide comes
    from twilight.

    the songs called eyes on fire from the
    twilight soundtrack.

    my favourite things together!! :)


  3. My birthday's July 15th I'm soooo asking for the ring and bracelet for my b-day!!!

  4. I would get the ring , it caught my atettion and its beautiful too.

  5. They're nice, but if you're looking for the closest thing to the real thing then look to Etsy! The maker of the bella bag used in the movie is out there as well as a silver smith who is making a near exact replica of the bracelet. These aren't costume or mass produced so you'll pay more, but at least you'll have a piece of "art" as well.



  6. Hmm, I'm not going to lie I do like that ring but I'll refrain.

  7. Support local artists! go to ETSY.COM and search for twilight

  8. i rather get those simple spikey gold bangles she was wearing for those EW outtakes recently posted, they're so beautiful

  9. This is the closest to her bracelet I've found. It's a split shank silver Navaho cuff. I'd specify a long narrow oval natural turquoise stone (not white turquoise) in your order.
    www.southwestaffinity.com under bracelets p11 Item SNBR630


    Her's has a bit more filgree around the stone setting. It may have actually been "old pawn" or "dead pawn", or even a baby bracelet (Kirsten's tiny!)

  10. I WANT THE RING 2 !!! IT IS SO LOVELY TO WEAR IT ! (L) (L) (L) :hearteyes:


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