July 23, 2009

Burger King Crowns: Team Jacob & Team Edward

TwiCrack reader Lynda is at Comic-con and just sent us this pic and info:
At comic con right now and they're giving away burger king crowns for team Edward and team Jacob. Yay!
Thanks, Lynda!

P.S. Remember this silly RPattz Burger King mystery from awhile back? hehe.


  1. Lol, I've never seen that before - totally RPattz!

  2. I need a Team Jacob crown!

  3. I totally think that is RPattz! Don't know how I feel about it being involved w/ a happy meal; its not for kids!! But as a devoted fan, I will be happy to take my kids on a daily basis until I collect all of the toys :)

  4. THAT'S ROBWARD!!!!!!!!!!!OMTwilight!
    Want2Binforks- your funny!
    I'm Team Edward & Jake.Is this how bad the Twilight (saga) addiction is , now BK (BurgerKing) is invole , too?FUCKIN' AWSUM!

  5. Looks like Collin Ferrell to me. I don't think it looks like Rob at all. lol Plus tons of celebs wear those hats.

  6. Zomfg,this Novemeber,i will totally go to burger king just for this! hahaha! i want both! team Switzerland!


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