July 13, 2009

Billy Burke is a Funny Guy

Ted Casablanca got the scoop from Billy Burke on rumors, etc. over the weekend at the Angels & Aces Poker party at the Playboy Mansion. Here is a quick excerpt:
So Kristen was reportedly pregnant, which we cleared up and showed to be totally false.

Rob is probably pregnant with my child. It's funny no one picked up on me and Rob's affair.

Do you wish you were more involved in rumors like your younger costars?

I don't feel left out at all. They can keep me out of those rumors as much as they want.
Read the rest at e!online.


  1. lol. I love Billy Burke. You tell 'em Billy!

  2. Too funny. He seems way cool and sexy.

  3. Ew playboy mansion, gross

  4. Hehe!And what will he be doing @ a playboy mansion?

  5. You know what they say everything that happens at the playboy mansion stays at the playboy mansion......except for the herpes that you contract.


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