July 24, 2009

The Best and Worst of Comic Con

Here's theTwiCrack Addicts' guide the our favourite bits of Comic Con...

1) KStew shutting DOWN the reporter who asked about Robsten - "Are you kidding me?!" *bitch face* (We loves it!)

2) Rob schooling KStew - "Shut UP!"

3) Taylor half-naked *THUD* - in a totally unnecessary (but entirely welcome!) stripper-style - he's 17 he's 17 he's 17! Jailbait Jailbait Jailbait

4) Seeing Robward taking a step into the sunlight - random, I know but it gave me chills!

5) Girl-crush "crush" :)

6) Realizing that Chris Weitz is funny - who knew?!

... And, 7) he totally looks like Superman - FACT!

8a) KStew looking forward to really getting pregnant and Rob looking forward to performing a Cesarean (Had to add this - TCA)
Rob's answer should have been "getting her pregnant" - way to drop the ball, Rob ;) - Lorabell

8) Rob...

9) Rob :)

10) And ROB :D

Aaand our least favourite...


2) No Volturi *pout*

3) KStew's hair :/ I *heart* you KStew, you're so beautiful and I love that you're rocking the Joan Jett doo like a bad-ass... but it takes more than that to make it look good.
Step 1? Hair brush - just sayin' ;)

Please let us know if we forgot any of your favourite Comic Con moments!

Thanks to the awesome ROBsessed, Robert Pattinson Who, Twilight Lexicon, Kri-Stewart.org and Kristen Stewart Fan for the pics :D

- Lorabell


  1. I would say a worst moment is when that dumb guy dressed up as dracula asked how he could be a better dracula.

  2. i think KStew handled that question impeckably (is that how you spell it)
    "are you kidding me" then had a giggle about it! :L I couldn't possibly love her more.

    Is Jamie Campbell Bower not a Volturi member?

  3. @IndieCindie: Jamie is... but I wanted some costume action :(

  4. My fav moment - when ks made the comment about getting pregnant and rob countered with "being involved with the cesarean"

    worst moment- total 2nd hand embarrassment from watching the videos of the fans at the twilight showings. AND k's hair (im with you on that one all the way)

  5. worst moment--realizing that some crazy fans are going to ruin my movie watching at the midnight showing. Can I go Volturi on them?!? PLEASE contain yourselves.

    worst #2: BK product placement in movie. YUCK

    Lorabell: adore your british spelling of "favorite" :)

  6. OMG I might have to change mine or least add an addendum to it.

    The clip they JUST showed on the daily 10 of Ben Lyons asking Denzel Washington if he is team Jacob or team Edward was FULL of win. omgomgomg

  7. Lorabell, Thank You for all your fabulous postings! What a great couple of days of awesome twicrack.

    I am also a *teeny tiny* bit sad we didn't get any Volturi glimpses......but all the stuff we did get I am so glad to see, I know I shouldn't complain. It all will more than tide me over until Volturi promo pics come out, I mean, they have to put out some kind of promo for them, right?

  8. guys check out my blog for SNEAK PEAK FOOTAGE FROM THE FILM NEW MOON! its amazing and team jacob and team edward supporters will defintely have a clip that they can enjoy :)

    i also have all the comicon updates too.
    so check out my blog!


  9. The Jacob clip *swoon* was the best moment ever!

  10. I whole-heartedly agree with #4 -- I got utter chills when he took that first step into sunlight and all we could see was the top of his shoe. Of course, him taking off his shirt helped, too. ;)

  11. These were all great moments!! Have to agree it was priceless when KS/RP answered about "really" getting pregnant and the C-section!!LMAO.
    Worst- Screaming annoying fans!! I couldn't hear!!:(( hee hee- and KS with TL at the beginning with acting- "I don't know how?" and then saying she would totally wear her hair like this even if she wasn't filming the movie?!! WTF!

  12. Heidi Ho I agree... My worst: Kstew in general, I am sorry! Seriously I love her too, but What the??? Every interview I try my hardest to watch because I am uncomfortable! Stttrange. The hwole hug thing on E! with her and Taylor, where shes like "read into this".... uhhhh ........

    Best: DUH! Today with the 2 new scenes, for the first time in my Twi history I cried during a prevew. OME. When Edward says, "Bella, Stop." Woow It took me awhile to get over it.

    Love this post TCA, you r awesome!

  13. I agree with every single "best" moment, and I agree, Rob, Rob and Rob...and maybe once more ROB. LOL

    OCD I loved that part too with Edward's apparition. I love that he said only that and I LOVE the way he said it! He has such an amazing voice.
    Even with porno Jacob stripping that was my favorite part of first clip.
    Second clip, pure awesomness!

    I don'tknow what was going on with Kristen, I love her, but she was acting weird. Interview with Taylor was so strange, like she was doing everything on purpose. They boy was trying to stay calm hahaha. She was just weird, wierder than usual. I don't even mind her hair, she was just acting strange in general.

  14. the italy clip with rob, kstew and ash is sooo nice and i cant wait to watch nm simply because of that scene.

    and there should have been more rob...rob....rob...love love love rob pattinson

  15. The best is Rob talking and Rob looking happy. I miss him being mischievous in interviews. And Apparition edward that look like Casper.
    CaspWard :D.

  16. you're so right about Kstew's hair!! I honestly hate it:S and I saw another interview where she said she would've gotten it even if she hadn't gotten the part!! I really DON'T like it..

  17. Love your list! And I agree with whomever said Kristen was weirder than usual. And she was outright rude while others were being interviewed. Like an annoying little sister. And a brush or comb might have been a good idea. As for the screaming fans, I loved it!! This was exactly the time and place for it. Unlike the airport or while filming.

  18. Lorabell--where did you find that photo of the Volturi throne? Those were the ones I saw on my set visit so they are totally real! I haven't seen any Volturi-related anything, anywhere. Were those at Comic-Con, like in the booth or something?
    Anyhow, LOVE this post. Thanks for the laughs, heehee :D


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