July 20, 2009

EdBread & SwanSalad: Twilight Buoys Forks, WA in tough economic times

Have you made a pilgrimage to Forks, WA yet? Well, I guess that all those Twilighters who have flocked to Forks are helping this community more than survive the recession:

Fans have been flooding into Forks to see the real life version of Bella’s hometown since the series boomed in popularity back in 2007 after the debut of Meyer's third book in the saga, "Eclipse." Though "Twilight" was released all the way back in 2005, Gurling said it wasn’t until 2008 that the influx of visitors really hit — and it’s only been increasing. In June of 2008, 1,731 people signed the visitors log at the Chamber of Commerce. Last month, 8,312 visitors signed the log. That’s almost five times as many people, and Gurling assured us the number of visitors was the norm and unrelated to last month’s Forks Summer School.
Read the rest of the article at MTV.

If I ever get to go to Forks, I'd get a kick out of trying some of the Twilight-inspired menu-items that are now featured at Forks restaurants, such as like BelLasagna & EdBread (wha?) at Pacific Pizza. And, you can stay in a Twilight room at the Pacific Inn Motel.

Guess which bed I claim!

Not exactly Mr. TCA's idea of a dream vacation, unfortunately. :-)

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  1. The resort in La-Push is really nice! You could probably talk Mr. TCA into staying there.

    September 13 in Forks is Deemed Stephenie Meyer Day and there are a whole bunch of activites that go on. I haven't been there but, was told about it when I was there for the Twilight DVD release party hosted by Dazzeled by Twilight.

    Also if you are in La-Push on I think it's a Thursday night the Quileute's have a drum circle and I'm told that all are welcome it's a pot luck dinner so bring something to share. Ask at Dazzeled by Twilight, that's were I got my info.

  2. Oh freak out! I am going with my anti Cullen hubby Sept. 20-25.. He has a conference in Sequim, he knew I would want to go.... HAHAHA I get to go!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see this stuff, he is going to die!

  3. Haha my husband and I are taking a road trip up the west coast next spring and we are going to go to Forks - his idea...yeah right ;) I wonder what he would think if I booked that room. He would walk in and be like "no eff-ing way!" Hahaha

  4. TCA i think i know which bed you claim.Let me guess?Hmmm....The Edward poster that is hung up to wall,that bed.Right?

  5. Oh , la , la!Me likey!Me likey it alot!I.MUST.GO!If i get to go my family would die.I'm thinking of taking MY (imagination) Jakey and go to the Inn.Lol!Yes , i did have (Twi)crack from gossiping about Twilight or anything realated to it and saw too many Twilight things online i want to get.Nobody can't have too much Twilight , right?I can't resist without hearing things about Twilight or realated.

    I want to try out the BelLasagna , EdBread , and the Swan salad.Yum!

  6. Question! I get a kick out of the stuff you post! Do, we have permission to share some of the things you post on here??

  7. If I want to stay in a Twilight Room all I have to do is sleep in my daughter's bedroom! Posters, calendar, Edward life-size. . . It's crazy!

    It would be fun to take my daughter to Forks, though.

  8. Anonymous 6:35- I'm jealous- I don't have any children to use as an excuse to have all kinds of memorbilia- Not that I live with anyone I would have to explain it too, but my friends and family would definately have my head evaluated!!
    Maybe I'll have to take a secret trip to the west coast to get my fix:))

  9. oh i want to book that room too! hope i get to dream Edward biting me. LOL! -sofija

  10. I know what you mean. It's not exactly Mr. Juju's idea of fun either. BUT I'm trying to work Forks in to another vacation. Like maybe fly in to WA, spend a couple days in Forks, then head out to Alaska or something.

  11. anybody headed to Forks? you might wanna check this http://www.forkswa.com/twilight.html
    it was really helpful when my friends went there. you guys should try it. it's like being in the book. :)

  12. I live here in WA state, and am headed to Forks soon to visit family there. It's always such a trip to see how things have changed since Twilight came out in theaters!


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