July 17, 2009

Ashley was On with Alexa Chung :-)

Thanks, Ashley TWA!


  1. she is such an aamzing person and she handled the questions well. Alexa is a great interviewer and she so tried to give Ash a hard time but she handled it so good and didn't let her get to her nerves. Go Ashley<3333

  2. 1. Great interview!
    2. She's such a good sport.
    3. That spoof was hysterical! I love the Laurent hair flip and Jacob pecks flex!

  3. Ashley is like such an amazing person, i mean she's like sooooo nice and plus she's my favorite actor in twilight next to rob and kristen, i cant believe all us twilight saga fans have to wait till november to see new moon though.....its so sad

  4. Never have seen Alexa Chung- and kind of glad- not really a great interviewer!! Ashley on the other hand - handled it with extreme grace and good humor- although she wasn't laughing at the spoof- which I thought was funny- love the gerbil transformation!!


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