July 24, 2009

Apparently, Nobody Ever Asks for Chris Weitz's Autograph :-)

Lynda the lucky duck is at Comic-con, and she bumped into Chris Weitz:
Me and my cousin were walking by the Hall H part of the convention center (but towards the side where there wasn't too many people) and I see someone who looks like Chris Weitz. I turn to my cousin and say "is that Chris Weitz?" so she turns and yells "Chris Weitz?!" and he stops. It's him! When he turns he looks almost afraid to see what kind of fan hes about to encounter. But we weren't decked out in any Twilight gear so he knew we were cool.

He said "let's just pretend we're talking cuz I don't want to start a mob," but then he was like, "actually, no one ever asks for my autograph"... Such a nice guy. Like really nice. And tall! And funny. LOL. We asked him if he knew if K-Stew and since we were calm and just talking to him like normal he even gave us deets about where to find Taylor, Rob, and K-Stew. Unfortunately rob had left pronto, and we had barely missed Taylor and K-stew who left together in the same car. We saw Ashley Greene leave but she didn't stop to sign any autographs. Crazy day! Total madness filled with Twilight Moms and Johnny DePp. LOL
Thanks, Lynda.


  1. AWWH!! congrats on the meeting!! That's really great that you got to meet CW.

  2. wait....taylor and kstew left in the same car....and she took her smoke breaks with him and not rob......and she had her arm around him when they watched THEIR clip together.................hmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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