July 13, 2009

Another Day at the Office

Ok. I take back what I said about being bored of pics. *This* is nice. :-) See more of RPattz in costume here.


  1. ...Thank you so much for your spontanity! I have often thought about how long this frenzy will last and how it really started with me and how it changes... (I have been reading the Saga three times now - been watching the film "Twilight" I don't know how often, I bought all his films - (Little Ashes arrived today! Haven't seen it yet!) ...I smile about myself but I am t h a t tolerant because I really believe he is worth every second!
    Hysteria is the only attitude that should not grab us...
    As far as I can see "New Moon" will just be great, so we still have a while to go, to suffer, to gasp...

  2. Um, W-O-W! He always looks beautiful all snazzed up. Theres somthing about Rob in a suit.

  3. Little Ashes is out on DVD?! What the fudge? I didn't know that. Apparently I was out having a brain transplant the day it was announced. Does anyone know how it did at the box office?

  4. Gaahhhhhhh!!!

    Ok, but for the love of Pete, please, SOMEONE pull up all 5 pics. at the link TCA provided and tell me if that is a black or navy blue suit???

    The tie looks both blue and black - - and I am about to DIE over the absolute insistence for Rob to be in blue and black, LOL!!


    (well, unless in this combo, but STILL - - the decision is hilarious and KILLING ME.)

    In Twilight, he wore it.
    In real life, he wears it.
    To the MTV awards, he wore it.
    He wears blue and black flannel.
    NOW THIS??

    I'm laughing. Get the man some COLOR! (Or at least make that suit blue . . . sexy!)

    (I was at my friend's house (she's a Twi freak, too) and her 6-year old had on black shorts and a navy blue t-shirt. I pointed at him and asked her, "What is this? A little 'Edward action' going on, here?" and she cracked up and said, "I KNEW you were gonna say something about that!" She claims it was laundry day and those were the only shorts he had and that he'd insisted on wearing that shirt. uh-huh. LOL!)

  5. Damn he looks scrumptious in a suit! JennJam, btw I think his suit is a light black but in some pics it looks like it could be a dark navy. Mixing blue and black is in kinda in right now anyway.

  6. I love this photos he looks soooo handsome and sexy!!! Gosh!!!!!! Kerri I don't think Little Ashes is in DVD. I just saw an ad in one cinema here in my country and they're showing the movie July 16... maybe there's a DVD somewhere but I haven't heard of it!

  7. Ohh I forgot to ask: When are they suppose to finish filming this movie? He's suppose to be in Vancouver on August right? Have anyone heard of Kristen?? She's been missing in action! haha

  8. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! Yummy!Sexy beast!I want to do "NAUGHTY" things to him!Angel face,Greek God looking!

    @ Ismarie , I haven't heard a noise about Kstew since Saturday or Friday.Have any of you heard about Jackson , Kellan , Nikki , Peter , Esme , or Ashely?

  9. Renesmee Cullen: I heard Ashley and Kellan are filming a movie too...Peter has been signing autograph and he was in NY. Nikki is missing in action since she finish filming her part in New Moon...haven't heard or seen anything about her and that's really weird!!!

  10. @ Ismarie thanks! =) for the info.I miss Nikki!!! *sob , sob* *tears*

  11. Um I love me some rob I am on vacation with my hubby n daughter and kinda missing my computer and my blog with full sized pics of this man. So thx for this lovely pic of him it looks grrrrreat on my iPhone yipppppeeee.


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