July 23, 2009

Comic-Con Press Panel Part 1

Potentially repetitive, but nice quality!

P.S. Did anybody else not really understand KStew's answer? She's alway so adorkably awkward. hehe.

UPDATE: For anyone who wants to watch Part 2 (alot of which we've already seen) go here :)


  1. Yes. Kstewy is awkward but that's why we love her. Me wonders what Robby thinks of Kstew's rock'n hairdo.

  2. I fucking love KStew. And yes, I also wonder what Rob thinks!

  3. She does make sense - just seems to have a hard time putting it into words sometimes - but the gist is there. I think she's a deep thinker and shy so not always comfortable thrown into situations where she's put on the spot like that. Of course, it's her job, but I think she enjoys the creative aspect way more than the social. Did I mention I'm a huge fan?!

  4. It's like the wizard of OZ- you can fill in who is which character!!LOL


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