July 23, 2009

21 Questions with Chris Weitz: Proposal Scene Won't Disappoint!

Hollywood.com has a new interview with Chris Weitz posted, and it's great:
Talking about the proposal scene at the end of the book. Fans are worried that that might have been altered or cut out for the film. Can you address those concerns?

CW: It hasn’t been cut out, I can tell you that much. It’s not going to hit them in exactly the way they think it’s going to, but I will say that, I gotta put it: It’s gonna be quite special. I kind of saved all of my gusto for that moment. I don’t think it’ll disappoint.

The Volturi. Can you talk about your vision for this new group of characters?

CW: No matter how strange one of the characters is in a work of fantasy, I think you kind of have to approach them as people, and so you start to think, well, they’ve been around for 2,000 years. How would they live? How would they interact with one another? The conclusion really was that after 2,000 years, you would probably be more than mildly insane, no matter how cultured or gracious you appear on the surface.

I think that’s what Michael Sheen really managed to convey in portraying Aro, the head of the Volturi, which is that on the surface, he’s terribly gracious, warm, a wonderful host, and yet at the same time he’s absolutely lethal and frightening, and it’s also kind of what Dakota Fanning kind of conveys as Jane. She’s this, in appearance, very innocent-looking, harmless-looking almost kind of a teenager, but she’s absolutely deadly.
Read the rest of this cool interview here.

UPDATE: Just to add -

"CW: ...Then we’re going to Comic-Con on the 24th [correction: July 23rd] where we’re going to be showing a couple of scenes to whoever can get inside that particular auditorium. "

I did NOT know about that! If it's the scene where Edward leaves then I would loose it - totally freak - completely and utterly Bella (wh-wh-what, d, d'you, you can't ju, just) out *THUD*


  1. HOLY CROW is it November 20th yet already?!? How about NOW?!? Suddenly flying to France to see it a day earlier doesn't sound so ridiculous, oui?

    And those trading cards are So mine-ish!!

  2. wow it feels like Christmas this week, with all the Twilight goodies coming out! just when I thought I could kick my twilight addiction!

    a perfectly timed Paris vacation, no one would have to know the real reason behind it.

  3. I'm with you L.ana feels like Christmas in the Summer!So soon!

  4. He said in one interview that they would show one fight scene and a love scene!

  5. HOT DAMN!! THANK THE LORD!! THEY DIDN'T CUT THE PROPOSAL!! If they stick to the book it will be done in a quick-roll your eyes kind of way(for bella)!! And save the major asking scene for Eclipse.
    Christmas in July- Lovin it!!!


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