July 31, 2009

2010 New Moon Calendar Available Tuesday, August 4th @ Borders

Oooh. Pre-order at Borders. [via Team-Twilight.com]

Thanks, Ashley TWA!


  1. ahhh!This hard i'm saving money to buy an electric guitar and i don't want to rip off my parents.But for my Twilight addiction i'm getting it.It's a have-to-get-thing-because-Twilight-Is-freakin'-awsum-and-for-my-addiction thing.LOL!I guess the electric guitar can wait , no rush , buy New Moon is a rush.

  2. I will ask the electric guitar for Christmas and for my bday in Oct. 25 New Moon things - December.Must be New Moon present or i won't accept.

  3. I need this. Seriously I just toss my money away for all this Twilight/New Moon merch! So worth it though.

  4. Everyone needs a calender- Why not get this luscious sexy hott one for your frig,bedroom, office, bathroom,living room... you get the point:)))


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