June 25, 2009

Win Peter Facinelli's Twilight Chair

By now, you know all about Peter's successful Twitter bet. To thanks his fans, Peter is giving away his chair, which you can try to win here. Deadline to enter is Monday, June 28th at 8:00 p.m. (EST)

On June 30th, one lucky fan will be chosen to win Peter Facinelli's Twilight actor's chair as well as an iPod Touch.

Three runners-up will also win an iPod Touch!

Join 211(me), Peter Facinelli, and Affliction Clothing in L.A. on June 30th to watch the drawing of the winner. Details coming soon.

Enter here!

Thanks, Coral!


  1. That would be sooo cool to win
    actually to win Peter himself in person would be ever cooler >_<

  2. I'm so awful!
    I'd so eBay this if I won.

  3. Am I a bad person for thinking that this contest should have been closed (i.e. no new entries) after the deadline for his 500k Twitter Challenge? Yes? Well I don't care... 'Cause I Tweeted my butt of for that dude. I may be able to forgive him if his lawyer or someone put the kibosh on his original plans... Or if i win anyway...

    : )

  4. welll i think tht if evn if i dont win! the luky winer! will be happy! lols good luck to everyone! :]

  5. June 28th is on a Sunday...which is today....


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