June 11, 2009

Watch Rob Punk the Paps on ET tonight

Twilight Moonlighter shared this fun news from ETDirDennis.


  1. OMG say what? Katie Holmes on So You Thing You Can Dance!.....WHO CARES!!!!!

    YAY Rob News, Baby!
    Hmm... me wonders what kinda prank?!

  2. Hmm, a short prank? Rob probably just puts his hands over his eyes and say, "you can't see me." lol! Luv you Rob!

  3. I love So you think you can dance. It's my favorite over American Idol. But Katie Holmes...UGH! I cant stand her or Tom, Im a psycho, Cruise. Thank God for DVR's!

    Im deffinately watching ET for m,ore Rob goodness. LOOOVE him!

  4. Please put it on youtube someone?!? Europe doesn't get ET...


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