June 25, 2009

Vote For The Gals Who Forever Ruined Banana Pudding For Me :-)

TwiTarded changed my life by introducing the term 'love custard' to my vocabulary awhile back.

Jenny Jerkface and Snarkier Than You are two of the most funny TwiNerds I know, and they always ask the Twilight questions you don't dare ask (e.g. the technicalities of Vampire McLovin, anyone?).

Now their blog has been nominated for the honor of Blogluxe's Funniest Blog. Check out TwiTarded, and go help 'em out by voting for them here (and discovering some other wicked funny & cool blogs in the meantime).


  1. TCA--you are the best for promoting the Twitarded vote! JJ and STY and all my fellow Twitards make me laugh hysterically every day. They are the best at what they do....even if they are the only ones who do what they do ;) Vote people, vote!

  2. vote more than once a day w/ different email addresses!!!

  3. Oh Twicrack, I [heart] you so! Thank you!!

    Don't tell anyone but JJ's level of competitiveness makes makes my level of competitiveness seem like a little fluffy bunny. Or a chinchilla.

    Now I need to help find you an intern...

    : )

  4. Suhweeet!!!!! We do love you, TwiCrack!! So much so that we're sending you a case of love custard, er, I mean, banana pudding!!

    And competition Schmopetition. I need to go check our stats... ;)

  5. I just freaking love Twitard with JJ and STY...they are so supper funny. They easily get my vote!

  6. Go Twitarded! TCA and Twitarded are my daily Twilight blogs!! :)


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