June 29, 2009

Visionary at Vision Awards

See more pics at Socialite Life & Just Jared.


  1. i love ashley i think shes sooo cute and i hate to say it but taylor isnt lookin bad in that tux ughh i said it

  2. i love Ashley, she is gorgeous. Christian is such a beauty aswell. and Billy.. well she looks just plain hot! :p

  3. *SWOON*
    Ahhh Taylor.
    Be still my heart.
    He's too delish!

    Billy looks sexy.
    Gil ROCKS as usual.

  4. Although he looks like a preacher behing that podium, Taylor is gorgeously put together ...as usual.

    Ashley is adorable. I love her make-up...very natural looking.

  5. Ashley is so beautiful!!! She's so down to earth! I love her! Bill Burke looks kind of handsome! hehehe

  6. Watch out ladies-- Taylor's got it going on at such a young age, boy just wait til his a man--HOOOTTT!!
    They all look great!! Billy Burke lost a lot of weight, I almost didn't recognize him! ( must be stressed about Bella being gone for 3 days-heehee)

  7. *sigh* ahhhh!Taytay!Taytay look very sexy in a suit. Im going to be the future Mrs.Lautner.hehe!
    I<3 u Taytay!I will do anything for you!ANYTHING! you should come over so we can have fun!=)

    Ashely look cute as always!Dressing up the dress.You go gurly!


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