June 26, 2009

Two New Moon Paperback Editions: Not Bogus After All

After some confusion about 2 different New Moon covers, Fangoria reports that there are actually two:
Yesterday we showed you the "Team Jacob" version of the movie tie-in for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON. That version is not for the fall release of the mass-market paperback as we'd previously reported, but for a Trade Paperback due in-stores on September 15th. The trade version will also include an exclusive fold-out poster!

So what about that mass-market paperback? We've got the REAL cover for that one after the jump, and this one is definitely in the Team Edward realm...

This cover will be seen on the mass-market paperback release of the book, which will be available on October 27th.
Guess that this one wasn't bogus after all. Thanks to New Moon Movie!


  1. Why do we need so many covers for a book that has already been published. Not complaining, just commenting:))

  2. I love how he is looking down, its so the book. Perf merf!

  3. Robert as Edward conveys so much emotion in this one picture, gotta love it! Just wanna give 'em a hug!

  4. OME!!! That is just to sad. I totally agree on the hug (thparkle).

  5. I always get confused about trade vs. mass-market paperbacks. Which one is the bigger format that my old eyes can actually read?

    I love this cover and wish it was picture they'd used for the poster.


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