June 17, 2009

Twilight New Moon Trailer Shown with 'The Proposal'?

HDR shares that the New Moon trailer is being shown before Sandra Bullock's new movie The Proposal (in some cities):
The first trailer that ran in front of The Proposal was none other than Summit Entertaiment's The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

The audience let out a low roar when the Summit logo came up and then you could hear a pin drop with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on screen. Then when Taylor Lautner appeared sans shirt... well, let's just say there are a lot of fan girls out there. The screaming continued right through the wolf transformation so I tried to focus my hearing on the guy behind me yelling "booo!" to deflect the annoying shrieks.

When The Proposal's final box office numbers for this weekend come in keep Twilight in mind. I wouldn't be surprised if a few million dollars aren't solely the result of Twilighters forking out $10 to see their beloved New Moon trailer on the big screen.
Read it for yourself here.

I bet this only applies to select theaters; when the Twilight trailers came out in front of specific movies, somehow they weren't shown at my local theater. Hope that you're a lucky duck who gets to see the NM trailer on the big screen. :-)


  1. Lol it's crazy that someone would pay $10 for a uninteresting movie just because of the trailer before xD
    I think in germany we must wait a long time to see the trailer in cinema

  2. I saw the sneak preview of The Proposal on Saturday, here in Jacksonville Florida, and the New Moon preview was the first one that came up!It was so exciting to see it on the big screen, thank God I wasn't in the bathroom or concession stand during the previews!

  3. Fortunately I was going to go see The Proposal anyway. Now I have extra incentive. I doubt they will show the trailer here.

  4. I saw a sneak preview showing of 'The Proposal' here in Roanoke, Virginia on Friday night and *SQUEEEEEEEE* - - they showed the NM trailer first, too!!

    When I saw the 'Summit' logo come up, I felt my heart catch in my throat but thought, 'Naaaahhh, not 'til later in the summer, right?' then I heard those few, familiar chords before the sound of an old pick-up truck rolled to a stop and couldn't help myself: "IT'S NEW MOON!" I said, probably too loudly. We started squirming around in our seats and a guy near us blurted out 'Oh, Gooooooooddddddd!' and I couldn't help but chuckle b/c that's SUCH a typical reaction.

    The theatres was DEAD SILENT and I was so excited to see the trailer so BIG . . . Edward's tortured agony on the big screen. Poor baby.

    So, yes, you may be able to see the (same) NM trailer that's out now if you see 'The Proposal.'
    Which, incidentally, was HILARIOUS.
    I went b/c I love Sandra Bullock in comedies and who hates Ryan Reynolds?? So, I figured I'd chuckle a little and it would be a fun movie, but I didn't expect my jaws to hurt so much from laughing so hard, after I left.

    I recommend seeing it - - it really was funny. Waaaayy funnier than I expected for that genre.

  5. I totally read that as a trailer including a proposal scene the first time I read the title.

  6. Do you guys think that the trailer will come in front of The Proposal here in Holland?????
    Cause The Proposal is out here.

  7. My theatre in my rinky dink country town has the new moon trailor before the proposal. so i would think most places would have it.

  8. I totally get Friday off and I'm so ganna watch the movie now. It looked funny from the preview but for even a chance to see the trailer on the big screen, gah! And I'll bring in my digital recorder to see if I can nab it >=D


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