June 1, 2009

"Chris Weitz is taking [New Moon] to the Next Level": Twilight Cast Talks Twilight Fans, etc. :-)

We learn lots of cool details from the New Moon cast, including just who thinks New Moon is gonna be better than Twilight and how Christian Serratos got caught in an elevator with Twilight fans. Hrm...


  1. 1. I like what Mike said about the director.
    2. Peter's adorable!

  2. who doesn't love this cast they are the ultimate group of hot professionals!

  3. I was in that elevator. This chick....she actually flashed that camera right in her face. It was awful. :(

  4. I think we all agree that Chris is taking things to the next level after the preview last night!! I'm sure he's done a great job. Where is Nikki Reed? Didn't see her in any interview, pics etc.


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